A decade has passed since the last Scream The movie brought the series to a supposed end, but now we’re set to welcome a new sequel in the franchise, with veterans Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette returning again to reprise their roles alongside a new young cast of hopefuls. victims for the new owner of the Ghostface mask to systematically kill them before the big reveal of their identity on the final reel.

So, considering the history of the franchise, why is the movie called Scream and no Shout 5? While this has been seen recently in other franchises like The fast and the furious, which has used every possible combination of those words to avoid using numbers after the title, horror movies have never moved away from it until recently, with the likes of David Gordon Green. Hallowe’en reboot and recent the candy man. Those were easier reboots though. Scream is literally Shout 5 and it serves as a continuation of what has come before in the previous four films. In a recent interview with US Weekly, executive producer Kevin Williamson explained that there was a reason for removing the “5” from the film.

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“Well, it was always Shout 5 because it’s the fifth, “Williamson explained.” So I think we just dropped that name, but I don’t think they ever called it seriously Shout 5. I don’t think anyone would want to see number five after something. You would have to ask them – Paramount or whoever, but I think remove the 5 and call it Scream[works] because it is new. There’s the cast of the legacy and how they infuse this new world and there’s this whole new generation and a new cast of characters that are extremely hilarious. I think it was a great cast. They are an incredible group of children and young talents and they are very, very good. They appear from the screen, and now our Sidney and our mature characters who enter it, are the adults. It works really great. “

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ScreamThe remake, and not the original, is the only film in the franchise thus far directed by someone other than Wes Craven, and a lot of attention has been paid to making sure the film does nothing to tarnish the legacy left by the late. director, who managed to redefine the horror genre multiple times during his career.

During an online meeting, Kevin Williamson He said: “I was very concerned about doing one of these movies without Wes. The directors sent me a letter when the offer was sent and said the reason they are directors is because of Wes. They were asked to make this movie, and that They’re huge fans of him and the movies themselves, and the cast, and they really wanted to honor his voice, which I really think they did. “

Along with the three of a long time Scream alumni, Marley Shelton also reinterprets her Cry 4 Sherrif Representative Judy Hick’s character and they are joined by franchise newcomers Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Jack Quaid, Mason Gooding, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Dylan Minnette, Mikey Madison, Sonia Ben Ammar and Kyle Gallner. Scream recently released new posters and trailer, and will hit theaters on January 14, 2022. This news originated in American magazine.

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