There really is nothing that fans of superhero movies love more than seeing their favorite heroes cross paths in each other’s movies, and even more so when talking about the possibility of, say, Henry Cavill’s Superman in The flash film. While it’s no secret that the Ezra Miller-directed movie is already bringing out the important weapons by including Supergirl appearances by Sasha Calle, and both Ben Affleck and Micheal Keaton playing their respective Batmen, would there be room for Superman to play? Cavill did a fleeting? appearance? Well, The flash Producer Barbara Muschietti got her hopes up for that exact result simply by liking a fan comment on her Instagram account.

There have been no plans to Henry cavill put on the Superman cape again in the DCEU, but in many ways the same had been said of Ben Affleck’s Batman after his appearance in the League of Justice a solo movie was made and dropped in favor of Robert Pattinson The batman. At this point, DC fans will jump on any ray of hope that they can see the things they want to see on screen just as they did with Zack Snyder’s version of League of Justice. So what was it that started a frenzy of Cavill cameo rumors?

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Well, it came out of Muschietti writing on Instagram before the weekend’s DC FanDome event and teasing that there will be a Flash The related surprise is coming, which turned out to be a preview of the trailer. His post read: “Still at work, almost done. Take a look at our little [Flash Movie] surprise at DC FanDome this Saturday, October 16. Link in the bio for hours in different territories or visit Really elegant camera work done by yours. “

Unsurprisingly, this prompted a number of comments from fans, including one that expressed, “Really excited for the movie. We’re still praying that we get a Henry Cavill Superman cameo!” Of all of them, this was the comment that Muschietti liked, and that, of course, was enough to get tongues wagging and rumors circulating that the producer was hinting at the possibility that we might have another cameo in The flash to those already known. Of course, actually, it’s very likely that Muschietti simply expressed his own love for Cavill’s Superman, and why not?

In support of the theory that there is more to this post than just a discard as by Muschietti, The flash The movie deals with multiple timelines and universes, which would make it relatively easy to include any DC character in a cameo and not have to spend too much time explaining it. After all, we’re getting two very different versions of Batman and if you can do that, would it be too much to ask to take a look at Superman? Whether Cavill would be willing to return is another matter, after all, he has moved away from his DC persona and is now deeply involved in many other projects like Netflix’s. The Wizard and next Enola Holmes sequel as well as spy movie Argylle, which is filming now.

There is no question that this is a rumor that will keep popping up frequently until we get a definitive answer from Cavill himself, or someone in production willing to go to any lengths to confirm the theory one way or another, but in the meantime. , at least we can wait for the first footage of The flash It will premiere this weekend on the DC FanDome, and it might at least get a fresh look at Michael Keaton’s return to the role of Batman for the first time in nearly 30 years.

The flash Theatrical releases on November 4, 2022.

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