Legendary actor Danny DeVito will enter The haunted mansion. A new live-action film based on the popular Disney theme park attraction, the family comedy also stars LaKeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish, Owen Wilson, and Rosario Dawson. Justin Simien (Dear white people) will direct from a script by Katie Dippold. Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich produce through Rideback.

In the movie, Danny DeVito He will be playing a “cocky professor”, and that’s all that has been disclosed about his character at this point. Full plot details have not been revealed during Haunted MansionBut according to THR, the film “follows a mother and her son who stumble upon a mansion that is more than meets the eye as they are orbited by several key characters to unravel the grisly mystery.”

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This is certainly a phenomenal cast, as DeVito is a popular and beloved actor who will have fans tune in for this upcoming performance. Batman fans will know him well for his role as Oswald Cobblepot in Batman Returns, a character who will soon pay tribute with a new comic book story written by the actor. Some of his other important roles include Matilda, Hercules, and Dumbo. We last saw it on the big screen in 2019. Jumanji: the next level, and continues to star in the hit comedy series It’s always sunny in Philly.

Many of DeVito’s fans will also fondly remember him starring opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1988 comedy. Twins. It was recently announced that DeVito will re-team with Schwarzenegger and director Ivan Reitman for a Twins sequel, this time featuring Tracy Morgan as another brother to the couple. Additionally, DeVito has also been established for the cast of retirement home noir. Smell with Morgan Freeman, Al Pacino and Helen Mirren.

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In 2003, Disney produced its first adaptation. The haunted mansion. That version stars Eddie Murphy, Terence Stamp, Wallace Shawn and Jennifer Tilly in a comedy about a family going on vacation to a mansion in the Louisiana swamp that turns out to be haunted. The movie fell short of expectations with abysmal reviews, and it’s curious why Disney wants to roll the dice with another. Haunted Mansion film.

In any case, efforts have been made over the years to get another Haunted Mansion soil film. At one point, Guillermo del Toro stuck with the project, but he never seemed to stop spinning his wheels with the filmmaker involved. There were reports that Ryan Gosling joined the cast several years ago, but that iteration of the project fell through. Things moved a lot faster when writer Katie Dippold and director Justin Simien tackled the project.

This project that became a reality so quickly also took a toll on plans for the sequel Wedding Crashers 2 to occur. Owen Wilson was reportedly set to go with plans to begin production on the film imminently, but the project was postponed indefinitely when he was offered Wilson and accepted his role in Haunted Mansion. Many fans are still waiting for Wilson to return to that project after finishing. Haunted Mansion, but it can be difficult to get everyone’s schedules back on the same page.

The haunted mansion production began this month in New Orleans and Atlanta. As of now, Disney has yet to set an official release date. This news comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter.

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