Eric Kripke, who brought Boys to the small screen, as the creator of the live-action television series adaptation of the comic of the same name, has intervened in the tragic accident on the set of Oxide. On Thursday, actor Alec Baldwin was using a prop pistol that was allegedly loaded with spotlights when a shell was discharged from the barrel. Director Joel Souza was injured and cinematographer Halyna Hutchins sadly died as a result of her injuries.

Recently, Jensen Ackles had approached the cast of Oxide. The news came shortly after Supernatural actor concluded his work in the third season of Boys. Recognizing Ackles and the rest of the Oxide team, Kripke spoke about how the incident is his “worst nightmare,” something many other filmmakers can relate to. He also asked to get rid of spotlight weapons in movies and televisions, and vowed to start his own.

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In the tweet, Eric Kripke wrote: “Someone injured or killed on my set is my worst nightmare. Sending love to the family of Halyna Hutchins, Jensen Ackles, cast and crew of Oxide. Very sorry. In his memory, a simple and easy promise: never again spotlight guns in any of my sets. We will use VFX muzzle flashes. Who’s with me?

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Boys Visual Effects Supervisor Stephan Fleet replied, “I’m with you! And I’ll do those muzzle flashes! I also don’t understand why a totally fake pistol with spring kick, a slide, projectile discharge, steam smoke, and a La LED flash light has not yet been invented for filming. There are things like this, but not exactly like this … it should be standard in the industry. “

Currently, the police are investigating the incident and all the facts are not yet clear. Many people have expressed anger at the tragedy, arguing that it is ridiculous for something like this to happen again after a similar incident with Brandon Lee in 1993. Director James Gunn, who also referred to what happened as his “worst nightmare” , emphasized that the tragedy would not have occurred if everyone involved had correctly followed security protocols.

“The rules were changed after Brandon’s death,” Gunn said in a tweet. “Unfortunately, more rules will not help if the rules are not followed, which is often the way accidents happen on set. Producers, directors, actors and entire teams must be unconditional to ensure that all protocols are followed. security at all times … There is no way what happened yesterday in Rust could have happened if everyone followed the rules. Not that I blame anyone at the front door; I don’t know all the facts. But If everyone followed the proper protocol, I couldn’t have done it. It happened. “

In his own statement, a distraught Alec Baldwin said of the incident: “There are no words to express my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that claimed the life of Halyna Hutchins, our deeply admired wife, mother and colleague.” I am fully cooperating with the police investigation to address how this tragedy occurred and am in contact with her husband, offering my support to him and his family. My heart is broken for her husband, her son, and everyone who knew and loved Halyna. “

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It remains to be seen whether what happened on Thursday brings about any further changes and may depend on what is discovered during the police investigation. One thing that is certain is that a loved and talented person has died with a family in mourning, and however this happened, it shouldn’t have happened.

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