James Gandolfini made a big name for himself playing mob man Tony Soprano, and it seems his son Michael isn’t content to take on the iconic role of his father to The many saints of Newark since he has now signed up to star The offer, another mob based project for Paramount +. This time, Gandolfini will complete a cast that includes Zack Schor, Miles Teller and Giovanni Ribisi for the series that tells the biographical story of the making of that mafia classic. The Godfather.

The ten-part limited series will see Gandolfini playing businessman Andy Calhoun, who is looking to buy the stake in Paramount Studios, who is famous for producing The Godfather movie series. He joins Miles Teller, who plays Albert S. Ruddy, the producer who put the wheels of Marlon Brando’s iconic film in motion, Zack Schor, as assistant director Fred Gallo, Matthew Goode as Robert Evans, and Giovanni Ribisi as Joe. Columbo.

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The offer was originally announced in September 2020 with several of the main cast members being announced before the end of the year and most of the remaining announcements were made in June and July 2021, the last group including Burn Gorman as Charles. Bludhorn and Justin Chambers as Marlon Brando. Michael gandolfini comes as one of the last people to be cast in the series, which began filming in July this year before being detained due to positive Covid testing among the production team. In August, production was hit by another stalemate when plans to film at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles were scrapped as part of an ongoing boycott of the venue, which was hit by a series of racial discrimination complaints by some of the staff after dismissal from the hotel. more than 200 workers in March this year during the pandemic.

Gandolfini has garnered a lot of attention by taking on the role of a young Tony Soprano in the Soprano prequel The Many Saints of Newark and it shows he hasn’t had to wait too long to reprise his next role. Having said that, at twenty-two he is not short of upcoming movies, with the Russo brothers directed The gray man and horror comedy Deception Blvd. already in post-production, while Susanna Fogel’s psychological thriller Cat person is currently filming. While most of these and The offer They don’t have release dates yet, they are likely to land in 2022 or early 2023, making for a busy couple of years for Gandolfini.

The many saints of Newark proved to be a huge hit on HBO Max, where it not only became one of their most successful original films, but also attracted a lot of attention to The sopranos series, pushing it up the streaming charts in the wake of the film’s release. While many studios have ruled out the benefit of releasing new movies straight to stream with a limited cinematic release, the platform has been more than happy to take the double hit of viewer increases brought about by its decision to go with a day and date. launch for him Sopranos prequel.

The offer will premiere exclusively on Paramount + sometime in 2022, while both The many saints of Newark and the whole series of The sopranos He can also be found on HBO Max, who are also in talks to produce a new Sopranos series set after the events of the film. This news comes to us from Variety.

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