Jason Sudeikis brought back one of his most beloved characters while hosting “Saturday Night Live” this week: the devil. He had some things that he wanted to make sure people knew that he was responsible, but also some things that definitely did not want to be associated with.

Appearing on “Weekend Update” to speak with Colin Jost, Sudeikis’ Prince of Hell was in a great mood. “The last few years have been pretty good for little Beelzebub,” he happily told Jost. Apparently most of the hellish things we’ve been through have been the work of the devil.

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“You saw the Astros won. They shouldn’t have done it, ”Sudeikis said with a mischievous smile and pointed to himself to claim the credit.

Actually, sports in general have gone quite well for El Diablo. Sudeikis added his excitement that former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who now plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, was still in the league, joking that that’s only possible because Brady’s soul is being held in a portrait in the hell.

In fact, Florida in general is primarily the work of the devil. Have you ever been to Florida? That’s not that different from hell, ”Sudeikis told Jost.

All that said, there are still some areas that could be improved for the Devil. Obviously, there are more than a few people in Hell that you wouldn’t mind getting rid of.

“Rush Limbaugh has been talking about my horns,” he joked, before denying a call minutes later that he said was from the late Prince Andrew.

Jason sudeikis

Above all, the devil wanted to make it clear that he is not associated with QAnon at all. In fact, he was offended when Colin Jost even asked, referring to the QAnon members as “sad internet psychopaths.”

“Don’t drag my good name into your sick fantasies,” he exclaimed angrily.

The devil also joked at Jost’s expense, noting that he wasn’t sure who “screwed” Scarlett Johannson the most: Disney or Jost.

But, before parting ways with the “Weekend Update” desk, the devil made sure to claim bitcoin, vaping, and that moment you’re reading an article and an ad pops up to fill the screen first.


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