It already premiered on Netflix The Army of Thieves, part of the universe of The Army of the Dead. The film had successes and errors. Here is the detail.

Netflix already premiered The Army of Thieves, the first spin-off of The Army of the Dead. The film was directed and starred by Matthias Schweighofer, who had already appeared in the franchise. The actor repeats in his role as Ludwig dieter, demonstrating the potential it had from the beginning.

Again, as well as in its aforementioned allied production, there was a determining factor that attracted a lot of attention. It’s about international language inclusion. German, English and Portuguese were heard from native speakers and in brilliant contexts, proving that you can see a tape in several languages ​​at the same time. A) Yes, Snyder aims once again to provide a global experience to the audience.

In turn, another of the outstanding elements of the zombie movie remained in this one. The detail has to do with the presentation of the characters that make up the team. In the other, it is made almost like a video game, with a very modern design. On this occasion, that tone is mixed with a nuance of a classic book, giving elements of literature to the plot. In fact, this is complemented by the background of the plot and the obsession with Wagner.


The first robbery is explained, the second no longer and the third, on the contrary, it was done on the fly. In this way, the progress of the team, the load of emotions and the sum of adrenaline is transmitted to the spectator. One point in favor.

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To improve, it could only be mentioned that because it happened some time before the other film, much of the surprise factor was lost and it was more to fit than to surprise. Still, there are a couple of special moments. While there is not much richness in the script, there was acceptable work.

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