Maya Hawke was the surprise protagonist of the third season of ‘Stranger Things’. While we are still waiting for the fourth, the power of the scene in which Robin tells Steve that she is a lesbian at a time when we all believed that the romance between the two characters would take place.

Steve (Joe Keery) was in love with Robin but as soon as she clarifies her sexual orientation, he soon accepts it and supports her in a very normalized way. They end up as friends and put a surprise twist on what was already everyone’s favorite duo.

Of course, it didn’t take long to know that at first this story was going to be the predictable heterosexual version between the two, but it was Maya Hawke herself who advocated for a change and moving her character’s relationship with Steve away from the romantic topic.

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Thus, Robin became the first confirmed LGTBI + character in the most popular Netflix series. An icon of visibility for many teens that Hawke is still grateful to stand for. This is how he commented to The Guardian:

Someone recently told me that they watched that season with their daughter. During that episode both began to cry, then the daughter confessed her sexual orientation to the mother. I give credit to the Duffer brothers for writing such a great character.

They are the consequences of something that he already knew at the time of the broadcast of the series, as he told THAT:

She becomes less sarcastic, more vulnerable, and more herself, until, in the end, she has no choice but to be herself. I think having that scene set in the ’80s, and on popular TV … I’m really honored to have been a part of it, and I’m really grateful that the Duffer brothers wrote it.

The first three seasons of ‘Stranger Things’ are available on Netflix while the fourth will arrive sometime in 2022.

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