The Marvel Cinematic Universe will welcome ten new main characters with the arrival in theaters of ‘Eternals’, the film directed by Chloé Zhao. This unprecedented expansion of the successful franchise also represents a fine-tuning of one of the issues that have been most thrown at the House of Ideas: the diversity of its stars. Although ‘Black Panther’, ‘Captain Marvel’ or ‘Shang-Chi’ have put them on the right track, ‘Eternals’ is an absolute declaration of intent. In this group of beings who came from space to protect the human race from the Deviants, barriers are still being broken with the inclusion of, for example, the first deaf superhero, Makkari, and the first Indian superhero, Kingo.

We have had the opportunity to speak with Lauren Ridloff and Kumail Nanjiani, the actors who play these two Eternals, who are not only aware of what this movie can mean for so many people who have never seen themselves reflected in a movie of Marvel scale, rather they are proud to be the ambassadors of a Hollywood in which we all fit: I have grown up watching Hollywood movies and there was no hero who looked like me. I’ve seen villains who did look like me, but not heroes. I’m getting tons of messages from people excited to see someone sharing their type of name and skin color on screen kicking ass. I’m glad it’s happening. It’s happening too late, but I’m glad “ says Kumail Nanjiani. Lauren Ridloff believes that the message that is sent to the little ones, especially those who go outside the norm, is tremendously important: “I would love to tell the kids that we are all superheroes. We can all be superheroes. We all have a time when we would kick some ass. And we all have power inside of us.”.

In addition to getting deep, we also asked them about a possible return of the characters in a sequel. Lauren Ridloff can’t help but be excited as she recalls the message at the end of the movie, “the Eternals will return” and has a very clear request for their return. Kumail Nanjiani says he feels it sounds selfish, but what he wants most is to repeat with his co-stars: “I have had a nice time”.

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Your favorite deleted scene

Finally, we talk about how complex it is to put together a movie with so many characters and, of course, there are very cool scenes that have been left out of the version that we will see in theaters. Nanjiani and Ridloff tell us about one in particular that they describe as “visually beautiful” and that it was one of the few in which the ten protagonists shared a screen. “It showed a dysfunctional family but a lot of fun” says the actress. Don’t miss the full interview.

‘Eternals’ hits theaters November 5.

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