• The best Netflix series in 2021.

    King tiger‘is a documentary series made for controversy. The last one leads her Carole baskin, one of its iconic protagonists, who has sued Netflix for using his image in the second season, which premieres next November 17.

    According to the advocate for big cats, the use of the images violates her agreement with the Royal Goode production company. He also denounces that the documentary makers told him that he was going to be a “‘Blackfish’ style documentary to expose the big cat trade“but it eventually became one of the best comedies of 2020 and one of Netflix’s best series.” Far from being a documentary film that seeks to expose the illicit trade in big cats, ‘Tiger King’ is a seven-episode series mainly focused on portraying Joe Exotic as a sympathetic victim and Carole as the villain“reads the complaint written by Baskin’s attorney, Frank Jakes.


    For those who have not seen or do not remember what is told in the first season of ‘Tiger King’, Joe Exotic is among the largest illegal tiger owners and other felines, for which he faced a lawsuit from Big Cat Rescue (led by Baskin). He was sentenced to pay a million dollars, and he retaliated by hiring a hit man to murder Carole Baskin. The plot was discovered before any misfortune happened, and Joe Exotic was sentenced to prison in 2019 for this assassination attempt, in addition to his repeated mistreatment of his felines. The Netflix series does not flee from all these facts, but it does exploit the eccentricities of its protagonists to the maximum, and supports dubious (but hilarious) theories such as the one that states that Baskin killed her husband and fed him to his tigers.

    Baskin claims that as a result of the series’ popularity during the pandemic, received numerous messages of hate, harassment and even death threats. Now that they thought the ordeal was over, the second season of ‘Tiger King’ seems to include images of the woman again. This is how the lawyer explains: “After the first season of ‘Tiger King’, Royal Goode Productions again approached the Baskins to ‘bring positions” and, presumably, to attract them to be filmed for the sequel. The Baskins refused, believing that the agreements prevented Royal Goode Productions and Netflix from continuing to use their footage in any continuation.. However, on October 27, 2021, Netflix released its official trailer for ‘Tiger King 2’. To the Baskin’s dismay, the trailer featured images of them prominently. “

    For this, Carole Baskin and her husband Howard have asked in court that the season be intervened before its premiere. They argue that the project violates their contracts, where nothing was specified about the rights to their image in sequels, remakes or derivative projects. Will the imminent premiere of ‘Tiger King’ on Netflix have to be canceled?

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