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    When we finish a series, the reflections on what happened begin and the truth is that the third installment of ‘You’ It has wound us up for a while because the end was very strong and indeed some fans are releasing the theory craziest about love, the character who plays Victoria Pedretti and great victim of the new chapters. If you are still watching it, watch out because we are about to reveal a great ‘SPOILER’ That could ruin the whole delivery for you. It was clear that things between the Goldbergs were not going to end well. It’s what happens when two killers share the same roof and are just as ruthless.

    We remind you that the end was a fight between the two and, in the end, Joe won by giving his wife his own medicine and never better said. In the series it was taken for granted that Love is dead, that she had died burned in her wonderful house of Mother Linda, but what happened to her body? The most twisted followers believe that it could be ALIVE!


    We are facing a fiction and the scriptwriters could come up with any excuse to justify that death, it would not be strange. On the other hand, fans also have the theory that Love may return as a ghost to haunt Joe ahead of season 4 of ‘You’. It would be great if he became his shadow as he tries to rebuild his life in Paris and search for Marianne. The truth is that, at the moment, we only have confirmation from Netflix of more episodes, but no clue about what will happen in these. We will have to wait to see if these speculations are true or are only in our twisted imagination.

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