The Batman, and the universe that will be forged around said project, could have the appearance of a version of The Joker. This actor would bring the iconic character to life.

No hero is who he is without his villain and bat Man is no exception. The vigilante is recognized for fighting crime in Gotham city against very particular beings, mostly with psychological disorders and problems. In this way, each of his antagonists explores a dark personal space full of problems, which in the end end up reflecting on him. All in all, there is a very special one, The joker.

It has meant so much that he has won a solo film and dozens of comic book volumes focused on himself. Now, everything pointed to the DC Extended Universe had no plans for the character with the bat version of Robert Pattinson.

However, it seems that the idea of ​​the study would have the clown on the radar for the future of the franchise. It is still unknown if the production company wants to have a sequel to the film that will be directed by Matt reeves, but at some point, if any, it seems that the appearance of the character in question will be a priority.

But … And who will put himself in the skin? Will be Joaquin phoenix? OR Jared Leto, who has the position in the Snyderverse? Well no, none of these options is shown as correct. Rather, the commissioned company has a young actor in mind for the role.

Is about Barry keoghan. The artist has been on high caliber projects such as Dunkirk, The Green Knight OR The Eternals. The latter was his most recent theatrical appearance and his debut at the Marvel Cinematic Universe… Will it reach the DCEU?

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Now, we will have to wait until March 4, when it opens The batman, to see if any signal appears on the screen. Meanwhile, the information is still under development, looking for more sources.

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