Light-year is the new Pixar movie, which will star Buzz, the famous character from the Toy Story franchise.

After so much waiting, Pixar released the first Lightyear trailer a few weeks ago. The new solo film of Buzz, the famous character from Toy Story, will feature the lead voice of Chris Evans. Ever since the first trailer came to light, fans began to come up with theories about the film. One of them ensures that this film is linked to the Star Wars universe.

In Lightyear, viewers will learn the story that inspired the action figure that Andy owns. However, since the trailer for the film was released, fans of this franchise believe that there is an opportunity that this story is set in a shared universe, which would not be the same where the characters we all know live.

Are you connected to Star Wars?

According informs Screenrant, the Lightyear trailer contains several Star Wars Easter Eggs. One of them is the special base that Buzz uses, which alludes to Geonosis from Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. Not only the shapes of the building is quite similar, but also the color of the sand. Furthermore, his spaceship is powered by a crystal that is easy to identify as a coaxium from Han Solo: A Star Wars Story.

As for the droids, this was Lightyear’s Easter Egg that caught the eye of viewers the most. Let’s remember that droids were always very important in the universe created by George Lucas, mainly R2-D2 and C-3PO.

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Finally, the trailer shows us the planet where the character hides with his droid. Visually, it is identical to Dagobah, the place where Master Yoda hides during the Dark Times of the Empire’s reign. But the film’s most striking similarity to the Lucasfilm universe is the scene in which Luke Skywalker lands his X-Wing in that spot.

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