All the kids of the 80’s remember the big trouble that was The real ghostbusters, an animated series based on the 1984 movie, which brought a whole wave of iconic ghosts and, naturally, a wave of toys based on them. When the end Ghostbusters: Another Life trailer debuted, eagle-eyed viewers managed to catch a glimpse of one of those specters making his live-action film debut in the form of the ghost “Bug-Eye,” an action figure that has a huge eyeball on the center of your forehead that sticks out when you squeeze the body.

When The real ghostbusters debuted, there were a number of changes in the appearance of the Ghostbusters, as they could not agree to use the image of Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson, and with the exception of some appearances by Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Slimer, almost all the ghosts, specters and ghosts seen in the cartoon were a new design that is not seen in the movies. Kenner also went beyond the series to create dozens of action figures, and this will be the first time that anything from the animated series has been carried over to the Ghostbusters universe.

Bug-Eye The Real Ghostbusters

Seen around the 37-second mark in the trailer, Bug-Eye first appears as an eyeball before the rest of his body shoots out to claim the floating body part. It’s a very welcome cameo, adding to a lot more delivered in this final trailer. Although it could be pure coincidence, part of a recent relaunch of the franchise’s’ 80s Kenner toys, Bug-Eye was one of two classic figures to be available again, the other being a toilet ghost, as well as the original Ecto. . -1 getting a new classic release. Considering that only two ghosts were released, does this mean that we will also see a possessed toilet in Ghostbusters: Another Life? Well, Dana Barrett’s bathtub came to life in Ghostbusters II, so we cannot rule it out.

Ghostbusters Afterlife Bug-Eye

We’ve already seen a lot of feedback from early screenings of the movie that provides great fan service, and it’s the added little extras like this that will really appeal to fans of the original movie and animated show. Ghostbusters: Another Life when it’s released later this month. While Sony has ensured that we don’t see any of the original three Ghostbusters, aside from sound bites and a very quick shot of costume torsos, there is still a lot to learn from the final trailer, including a new Gozer temple, a new look at Cassie from Carrie Coon in “that” janitor dress, two terrifying dogs, and the voice of Peter Venkman uttering the words “Hey, did you miss us?” As a very familiar melody beats behind him, it is enough to send a shiver of anticipation down the spine of all those for whom Ghostbusters it was childhood. It’s almost time to turn them on when Ghostbusters: Another Life hits theaters on November 17.

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