From January 11 to December 11: 27th José María Forqué Film Awards they have brought their celebration forward a month to claim the supporting role of its awards for the national cinema. Two deliveries in the same year (they do not count twelve months from the party of the 26th edition), before some billboards saturated with premieres.

    In the film categories, ‘Maixabel’ (Icíar Bollaín) leads the nominations, with 5 nominations, followed by ‘Mediterranean’ (Marcel Barrena) and ‘Parallel mothers’ (Pedro Almodovar), both with 3 nominations. With two nominations, he closes the list of favorites ‘The Good Patron’ (Fernando Leon de Aranoa), selected by the Film Academy to compete for the 94 Academy Award nomination. The Prize for Best Fiction or Animation Feature Film (categories that still differ) have an endowment of € 30,000.


    Last year the small screen was incorporated into the award-winning categories, with three television categories (one for Best Fiction Series and two for Best Performers, male and female). This edition, the most voted series have been ‘Hierro’ and ‘La fortuna’, both with three nominations. They will compete alongside ‘Stories to not sleep’ and ‘Lost fag’ for the € 6000 prize.

    The Awards, organized by EGEDA (Entity for the Management of Rights of Audiovisual Producers), will be delivered in person at the Palacio de Congresos de Madrid and they will mark, with their celebration, the beginning of an awards season that hopes to adapt to the new normal of national cinema. The delivery of the Forqué will follow that of the Fotogramas de Plata, November 15, and will output the Goya (January 23), the Fierce (January 29) and the Gaudí (February 20th).

    All Spanish feature films and short films (fiction, documentary and animation) that have been released are eligible for the award in commercial theaters in Spain between January 1 and December 31, 2021. It also counts, in an extraordinary way, that the films have had commercial premiere through television channel services, platforms or video on demand.

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    List of all nominees for the Forqué 2021

    Best Fiction and Animation Feature Film

    • ‘The good patron’, Fernando León de Aranoa
    • ‘Parallel mothers’, Pedro Almodóvar
    • ‘Maixabel’, Icíar Bollaín
    • ‘Mediterranean’, Marcel Barrena

      Best Leading Actor

      • Eduard Fernández for ‘Mediterranean’
      • Javier Bardem for ‘The Good Patron’
      • Luis Tosar for ‘Maixabel’
      • Urko Olazabal for ‘Maixabel’

        Best Leading Actress

        • Blanca Portillo for ‘Maixabel’
        • Marta Nieto for ‘Tres’
        • Penelope Cruz for ‘Parallel Mothers’
        • Petra Martínez for ‘Life was that’

          Best Documentary Feature Film

          • ‘100 days with the father’, Miguel Ángel Muñoz
          • ‘Buñuel, a surrealist filmmaker’, Javier Espada
          • ‘Heroes: Silence and Rock & Roll’, Alexis Morante
          • ‘Who prevents it’, Jonás Trueba

            Best short film

            • ‘The invisible monster’, Javier Fesser, Guillermo Fesser
            • ‘Mindanao’, Borja Soler
            • ‘El Mono’, Xosé Zapata, Lorenzo Degl’Innocenti.

              Best Latin American Feature Film

              • ’98 seconds without shadow ‘, Juan Pablo Ritcher
              • ‘Washer dogs’, Carlos Moreno
              • ‘The Wolves’, Samuel Kishi Leopo
              • ‘Night of fire’, Tatiana Huezo

                Film Award in Education and Values

                • ‘100 days with the tata’, Miguel Ángel Muñoz
                • ‘Parallel mothers’, Pedro Almodóvar
                • ‘Maixabel’, Icíar Bollaín
                • ‘Mediterranean’, Marcel Barrena

                  Best fiction series

                  • ‘Iron’, Pepe Coira
                  • ‘Stories to not sleep’, Narciso Ibáñez Serrador
                  • ‘La Fortuna’, Alejandro Amenábar
                  • ‘Lost fag’, Bob Pop

                    Best Actor in a Series

                    • Álvaro Mel for ‘La Fortuna’
                    • Darío Grandinetti for ‘Hierro’
                    • Javier Cámara for ‘Come on Juan’
                    • Javier Gutiérrez for ‘Kings of the night’

                      Best Actress in a Series

                      • Ana Polvorosa for ‘La Fortuna’
                      • Candela Peña for ‘Hierro’
                      • Maribel Verdú for ‘Ana Tramel. The game’
                      • Nadia de Santiago for ‘The time I give you’

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