(Warning: this post contains spoilers for Wednesday’s “The Masked Singer”).

Season 6 of “The Masked Singer” reduced Group A to just two contestants with Wednesday’s semi-final episode ending in a double elimination. But before two competitors were eliminated from the Fox singing competition, the judges used the “Take It Off” buzzer for the first time. Unfortunately, the attempt was unsuccessful, but we will get to that.

The Group A semi-final episode of “The Masked Singer” featured performances by returning contestants Skunk, Jester, Bull and Pepper. All four had the opportunity to sing once again for host Nick Cannon and “Masked Singer” judges Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke and Ken Jeong.

It was after Pepper’s performance that Jeong was so sure it was singer Sara Bareilles under that spicy mask that he decided to use the “Take If Off” buzzer, a newly added feature for season 6, to guess at the time. Unfortunately for Ken, he was wrong, and that means Pepper was able to keep her head up high and lost points for her Golden Ear Trophy total.

But Pepper’s victory was short-lived. At the end of the episode, she and Jester were the two with the fewest votes, meaning that they would both be eliminated and Skunk and Bull would continue to fight for the title of Group A winner.

Jester, who sang Soggy Bottom Boys’ “I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow,” turned out to be legendary rocker Johnny Rotten (real name John Lydon), while Pepper was unmasked to reveal Natasha Bedingfield, who had previously played Harry. Styles “sign of the times”.

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Pepper of Bedingfield and Jester of Rotten join this growing list of contestants for the sixth season of “The Masked Singer” already unmasked: Beach Ball (Honey Boo and Mama June), Hamster (Rob Schneider), Cupcake (Ruth Pointer), Octopus (Dwight Howard), Mother Nature (Vivica A. Fox), puffer fish (Toni Braxton), Dalmatian (Tyga) and baby (Larry the Cable Guy).

The Masked Singing Baby

Still in the running for a “Masked Singer” win are Group A’s Skunk and Bull, along with the remaining Group B lineup of Queen of Hearts, Banana Split, Mallard and Caterpillar.

According to Fox, the contestants for the sixth season of “The Masked Singer” “boast 85 Grammy nominations and 27 wins, three Oscar nominations, 12 Emmy nominations, 12 Razzie award nominations, two Super Bowl appearances and two. Lifetime Achievement Awards “.

“The Masked Singer” airs Wednesdays at 8 / 7c on Fox.


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