Characters featured in Marvel’s The Eternals would return very soon, but not on the big screen. The scriptwriters referred to a possible series that explains moments before the film.

The Eternals, the new great promise of Marvel studios, showed a new group of superheroes, with impressive powers and a very deep background mythology. However, much of their evolution as characters was left up in the air, due to the limited time that a film has to develop so many plots.

In this way, the producer already has some ideas in mind to give continuity to the plot arcs of these newly introduced beings. Despite there being nothing official, the writers were very honest with the plans.

Ryan and Firpo case, who wrote the script for the aforementioned film, commented that they have a format in their sights to explain much of the time between the arrival of the team to the Land until the delivery events.

We’ve even jokingly said that there should be an ‘Eternals’ prequel in Disney +. Go back and do an episode of Kingo on the Bombay 1890s, where he’s juggling his life as a movie star, dealing with the peaceful dissolution of Gandhi of the British Empire in India”, He mentioned.

And there is an episode with the accusations in which it is in Greece. I would love to do that series. There are many opportunities. If the public allows us, there will be a story to tell Dane whitman. There will be a story to tell in the Cosmos with the Eternals facing off against Arishem and all the Celestials what are these incredible metaphors of creation. I think there are many stories in the Eternals universe”He added.

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The tape is already available in theaters. However, information related to the release date of the material on Disney + is still awaited.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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