Encanto, the sixtieth (60) Disney title, is inspired by Colombia. The creator of the project shared special details about it before its premiere.

Disney should take full advantage of 2021, as the production company, despite being the main giant in the entertainment industry, was affected by the effects of the pandemic of the COVID-19. To do this, he returned to create first-rate titles. Among those planned is Charm, which will be his 60th creation.

The title is inspired by Colombia, including its landscapes and culture of magical realism, as embodied in the books of the Nobel, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. In addition, it will focus on the Madrigal family, a very special one, in which each member has special abilities.

The musical creator behind the job, Lil manuel miranda, he referred to the work that has been done. In addition, the study published a video that shows the process of immersion of the team in the host country of the argument.

It was an incredible experience to immerse myself in the music of Colombia, and it was a pleasure to write songs for these incredible characters. This movie is about the family and their role within their family. I hope people go to see it with their families. I think people will see themselves in different members of the family. It’s just a happy experience«, Decreed the composer.

The voice cast for the project, in English, will bring together Stephanie beatriz in the lead role as Mirabel. What’s more, John leguizamo will give life to the villain, Bruno. For their part, Colombians Wilmer Valderrama, Angie cepeda, Maria Cecilia Botero and Carolina Gaitan They will be in the credits both in that language and in Spanish.

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The film will be available in theaters from November 24. In turn, information related to the launch date is still awaited in Disney +.

Source: Collider


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