Keep your fingers close. The Advent Calendar, the new French horror fantasy, is Shudder’s next holiday offering. With the ultra creepy advent calendar counting down the days until Christmas, our Eva is playing chicken with every little corner she opens. Once it starts, it is locked up! No chocolate is worth this!

The official synopsis reads: “Shudder, AMC Networks’ streamer for horror, thrillers and the supernatural will soon premiere the elegant and ornate French horror fantasy from writer / director Patrick Ridremont. The Advent Calendar. Combining Faustian themes and allusions with European folklore and tense, chilling horror, the Shudder Original film delivers highly original Christmas season horror. “


“Eva, played by Eugénie Derouand, (Paris police 1900, if you see my mother), a former dancer, now uses a wheelchair and cannot walk. When her friend Sophie, played by Honorine Magnier (Tomorrow is ours) hands her an old wooden advent calendar before Christmas, she realizes that each window contains a surprise that causes real-life repercussions. Some are good, but most are bad, really bad. Now Eva will have to choose between ditching the calendar or walking again, even if it causes death and destruction to everyone she loves around her. “

In the last decade, filmmakers have made really scary movies based on the Christmas tradition. They have been introduced into my Christmas movie rotation to complement the sweet and syrupy offerings that I also appreciate. We were presented with the scriptwriter and director Jalmari Helander Rare exports in 2010. The film is set deep in the Korvatunturi Mountains, 486 meters deep. There is the closest and most kept secret of Christmas. The time has come to dig it up. The slogan? “This Christmas everyone will believe in Santa Claus.”

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In 2015 we had the pleasure of experiencing A Christmas horror story. Don’t let the protagonist of William Shatner fool you into believing that this movie is not a real killer. Intertwined stories that take place on Christmas Eve, told by a festive radio host: A family brings home more than a Christmas tree, a student documentary turns into a living nightmare, a Christmas spirit terrifies, Santa kills the wrong. The slogan? “You better take care of yourself.” Classic.

We even have a new series coming to Netflix this holiday season, misleadingly called Elves. A Christmas vacation turns into a nightmare for a teenage girl and her family when they discover an ancient threat lurking on their island getaway. The elves in question appear to be small and cute (who doesn’t love an elf ?!), but we are soon shown that these monsters are not the huggable type. You can expect it to hit Netflix on November 28.

The Advent Calendar It had its world premiere earlier this year at London’s Frightfest and was produced by Alain Benguigui, Virginie Ogouz, Jean-Yves Roubin and Cassandre Warnauts. The Advent Calendar premieres exclusively on Shudder on Thursday, December 9. And check out Shudder to see all your Christmas horror movies. They’ve got you covered, from classics to contemporary Christmas carnage.

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