If there’s a bad Will Smith movie, it’s definitely After Earth. But worst of all, she almost broke off her relationship with her son.

Will Smith shared great moments on the big screen with Jaden, his son. One of his great successes was Looking for happiness, a film that was acclaimed by the public and also by specialized critics. In this film, the actor was accompanied by his son, who at that time was a little boy who won the hearts of the audience. Due to the success, years later, they decided to repeat the duo under the direction of M. Night Shyamalan. So they starred together After Earth.

Nevertheless, After Earth he was not as lucky as In Pursuit of Happiness. The film was not well received by the public, currently in Rotten tomatoes it has a devastating 11% score, and it also did not do well in its collection; That said, it only added a total of 73 million dollars at the box office that did not match its budget, close to 130. Without a doubt, this film brought many misfortunes and criticisms to Will Smith. But for him, the hardest thing about this film production was that it endangered his relationship with Jaden Smith.

Serious problems

The book in which are the memories of Will Smith, the actor revealed several unknown details about After Earth (via People). In this way, he assured that because of this film his son was subjected to a strong attack by public opinion.

«After Earth was an abysmal failure in criticism and collection. And what was worse is that Jaden was blamed. The fans and the press were totally ruthless. They said and posted things about Jaden that I refuse to repeat. Jaden did exactly what I had ordered him to do, and I instructed him to suffer the worst public scenario he had ever experienced. “ revealed the famous actor.

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“We have never discussed it, but I know he felt betrayed. He felt cheated, and he lost confidence in my leadership. When I was 15 years old, when Jaden asked about being an emancipated minor, my heart broke. In the end he decided not to, but it sucks to feel like you’ve hurt your kids. ” Concluded Will Smith.


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