We live in tremendously peculiar times. Today the only way for a child or family television star to separate from their label is to show themselves in a way that is inappropriate for their former followers. The old pretty girls of the Disney Channel play tease (see Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez OR Vanessa Hudgens) to reinvent itself, and that in the best of cases. At worst (Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes …), they lose their minds, metaphorically or literally, and end up bathed in alcohol and antidepressants to end up prostituting their image in any three-to-quarter reality show. But this does not seem excessively bad to anyone. In fact, the reconversion of the teen star can be applauded but there was a time when the prevailing morality in Hollywood could make a “bad” decision end your career.

    I could write a book about it Lisa Bonet, that her name is no longer Lisa Bonet but Lilakoi Moon, although we’ll get to that a little later. At the end of the 80s, she was one of the stars of ‘The Bill Cosby Show’, a series in which she played the eldest daughter of the main couple, Denise Huxtable. His angelic image, forged over the years under the aegis of the African-American comedian and sexual abuser, blew himself up when it occurred to Bonet to appear in a thriller titled ‘The Angel’s Heart’ (Alan Parker, 1987), with some scenes more than bawdy. In fact, the director had to trim that scene a bit rather than bawdy to prevent the MPAA from granting it an X rating that would have commercially condemned a film that had a Robert de Niro and Mickey rourke in the cast, and that he sought to follow Rourke’s erotic-festive trail after the success of ‘Nine and a Half Weeks’ (Adrian Lyne, 1986). In the scene in question, the actor and Bonet were having a good roll with their bodies splattered with the blood of a hen (or was it a rooster?) Recently slaughtered.

    They say that Bill Cosby was not the least bit funny to see his daughter in fiction frolicking, much less that shortly after she appeared topless on the cover of Interview magazine. According to Newsweek in that distant 1987, for Cosby ‘The Angel’s Heart’ was “a movie made for white America in which they have caught a young black woman to do voodoo and sex things with her.” Bonet told David Letterman that he had spoken to Cosby before filming began: “I told him that I was going to make this movie and that there was a bit of sex. And he told me that he already knew it was just a job.” But, luckily for her, their relationship was forever tainted.

    Nor did it help too much that in 1987 the actress married Lenny Kravitz and will turn one hundred percent in his relationship with the singer. He went on to direct a video clip and write a couple of songs for his debut album ‘Let Love Rule’, and he started being late for filming and behaving very unprofessionally. So much so that in 1989 she was fired from the series ‘A different world’, where she once again played Denise Huxtable, her character in ‘Bill Cosby’s Hour’, now sharing a flat with a group of students. In 1991, shortly before the end of ‘The Hour of Bill Cosby’, the comedian also kicked her out of the series fed up with her hassles on and off the set. His fights with Kravitz and his infidelities filled the pages of the tabloids of the time, until the couple broke up in 1991.

    From that moment on, Bonet’s career began to sink into the mud of series B films that came directly to the shelves of video clubs without prior passage through theaters. In 1992, she began dating a yoga instructor named Brian Kest, He changed his name to the much more spiritual Lilakoi Moon, and withdrew momentarily from the world of the artisteo to focus on his family life. He still had time to reappear, at the end of the millennium, in two films of a certain kind, ‘Enemigo Público’ (1998) and ‘Alta Fidelidad’ (2000). They say that today John cusack He continues with a goofy face looking at the stage in which Bonet, with dreadlocks, performed the ‘Baby, I Love Your Way’ by Peter frampton in that more than estimable Stephan Frears movie.

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    In recent years Bonet has been seen in series such as ‘New Girl’, ‘Girls’, ‘The Red Road’ or ‘Ray Donovan’. Since 2007 he has lived in Los Angeles with his children and with his current partner, who is none other than the actor who is also an actor. Jason Momoa. If you join a yoga-loving vegetarian with a Hawaiian guy, chances are a child will emerge with a peculiar name. It is certain that the little Nakoa Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa, Born in 2008, he will ask his parents for explanations in time.

    The older girl Zoë Kravitz (whose godmother is Marisa Tomei, Lisa Bonet’s serial partner in ‘A Different World’) has in her hands redeeming her mother’s ill-fated career. We have seen her in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ and in the ‘Divergent’ saga and she has everything (talent, genetics, beauty, an exotic touch) to succeed on the small and the big screen. It helps a lot that his parents, Lisa and Lenny Kravitz, now have a much better relationship than in the late 1980s.

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