‘Last night in Soho’ dazzles like neons that accompany an enigmatic and irresistible setting, a journey to the 60s idealized by Eloise, a young aspiring fashion designer who soon discovers the hidden face of the seductive glamor projected by Sandie, the star of the show.

Hand to hand giving life to the infallible spell born from Edgar Wright’s imagination, also director, we found thomasin mckenzie admiring, emulating and falling into the networks of Anya Taylor-Joy. The young actress faces many challenges in this psychological thriller impossible to frame in a single genre, but becoming the reflection of her co-star seems like she wasn’t one of them.

“I think a large part [del trabajo de mímica] relied on movements. Anya and I were able to really connect during dance rehearsals and while building the mirror scenes, because we had to move at exactly the same time and in the same way, a symbiosis that becomes disturbing, a sensation that is accompanied by many other elements in a proposal that is difficult to describe.

“I think it’s a psychological thriller, but with a very Edgar Wright twist.”, if McKenzie ventures. “He leaves such a strong mark on his work that you can tell when a film is his. I also think that it is a very difficult film to frame in a single genre, because it has comedy, drama, horror … Many things happen! But I think Edgar does a wonderful job because is able to take you on that journey through the characters.

The nostalgia trap

‘Last Night in Soho’ risks mixing genres but also psychological issues that invite reflection. Between them highlights that way Ellie is tempted by nostalgia and the past, a very fashionable escapism that takes us away from a reality that can sometimes be too harsh.

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“It is important to stay in the present, because we are living a terrifying moment but you have to try to digest itadvises McKenzie in his early 20s, noting that it is “very easy to wallow in the past and obsess over” But that road, like the bright 60s of Wright’s wonderful proposal, can take an unexpected turn to dark.

‘Last Night in Soho’, which completes its cast with Matt Smith, Terence Stamp or Sam Claflin, and has a script signed by Wright and Krysty Wilson-Cairns, opens in theaters November 19.


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