• ‘The Gucci House’ hits theaters November 26

    With ‘A star is born’, released in 2018, Lady Gaga showed that, in addition to being a great singer, she is also a great actress. In fact, she earned an Oscar nomination for her performance. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gaga talks about her next big role as Patrizia Reggiani in ‘La Casa Gucci’ and how she drew on personal experiences to bring the complexities of the character’s life into the latest film of Ridley scott.

    Gaga has been open to talk about your sexual assault when you were young and the trauma it has inflicted on you; a trauma that she relied on to portray her character falling apart, but as Gaga describes it, there began to be a confusion between the character and her real life. Gaga told THR: “It’s a scene where I hit a lit candle across the room, and I remember giving Salma a heart attack that day. “I was falling apart while (Patrizia) was falling apart at the same time. When I say I didn’t get out of character, some of it wasn’t by choice.“.

    This was not unusual for Gaga, as she began to experiment a dissociative state, one so severe that it required hospitalization. It was even said that Scott took the actress aside and implored her not to be traumatized. To which Gaga replied: “I’ve already done it. I’ve already been through this anyway.“.

    Even though she throws herself into roles, what draws people to Gaga is her charming personality, as Scott relates to THR: “I found Stef (Gaga) to be overly approachable and frankly, a lot of fun. He’s very smart and very, very insightful. I knew that after that first meeting, it was essential for her to play this characterWhile early reviews are mixed about the film and Gaga’s performance, there is no denying that what Gaga brings to the screen is authenticity for the role and for herself.

    As the singer herself says, “Part of what makes a character great is knowing what their deep need is. But you can’t understand what your character’s deep need is unless you understand yours. My deep need was always to make my father proud. For Patrizia, I think it was to make her mother proud by caring for a man. A man like Maurizio“.

    ‘The Gucci House’ is directed by Scott after presenting ‘The Last Duel’ (and preparing a couple more films like ‘Kitbag’ and ‘Gladiator 2’) with a script by Becky johnston (‘Seven years in Tibet’) and Roberto Bentivegna. The film also stars Adam Driver, Jared Leto and Jeremy Irons and Al Pacino.

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    The film will be released only in theaters November 26.

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