A trial pass of The Batman was recently introduced. These were some of the conclusions released by those who have already seen the product.

The batman will be the first film of 2022 DC and with which he plans to open a new phase and universe, after the famous’Snyderverse‘. The project is led by Matt reeves and it will be starred by Robert Pattinson. In this way, a space known as a test pass was opened, in which critics and some people involved in the matter, have the opportunity to see the finished footage, still subject to change.

This presentation was recently screened and some impressions remained. While some are concerning, others are promising. Here is the list of disclosures.


– Batman hates guns.

– He’s a brutal Batman, but he doesn’t kill.

– Enigma is quite sinister and has multiple victims throughout the film.

– They compare the action scenes with those of Batman in “Batman v superman“And they say they prefer The Batman even though they still like the warehouse scene. BvS.

– The score of Michael Giacchino was present at this test screening.

– The special effects are not 100% finished yet.

– The movie feels quite independent from any other DC universe.

Zoe kravitz it is fantastic as Catwoman and it seems that they have respected her bisexuality and say that she is the best Catwoman in the cinema.

– Some say Robert Pattinson feels like the ultimate Batman.

– There are quite a few names of other characters from the Batman universe in the movie.

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– There are scenes similar to those in the Batman animated series.

– It is described as the darkest Batman movie and with the essence of Batman greater than any other movie.

– Act three is kind of messy.

– The film has a duration of 2 hours and 40-50 minutes.

– There were no post-credits scenes and the jester it is never seen or named. This is interesting because in the past it was said that he would be included in the post-credits to place him as the big villain of the next film.

The Batman is scheduled to hit theaters on March 4, 2022, and is expected to hit theaters shortly. HBO Max.

Source: KC Walsh


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