Spoilers for ‘Young Sheldon’, below

A major ‘The Big Bang Theory’ mystery has just been solved by the latest episode of ‘Young Sheldon’, following an off-screen cameo by Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg). Helberg returned as an aerospace engineer and former astronaut in the chapter ‘An Introduction to Engineering and a Drop of Hair Gel’ from ‘Young Sheldon’.

In the episode, Sheldon’s disdain for the field of engineering is finally revealed with the introduction of Professor Boucher, played by Lance Reddick.

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After Sheldon gets angry with an assignment, Professor Boucher refuses to help him find out where he went wrong. When Sheldon later discovers his mistake and is quick to tell his teacher, Professor Boucher ignores his work and instead blocks him for being late.

And so begins Sheldon’s hatred for engineering.

In a voice-over, Jim Parsons is heard as a grown Sheldon explaining to Howard that the constant teasing about his friend’s profession was inspired by his own unfortunate relationship with Professor Boucher.

“I admit it, at first I had a chip on my shoulder from that class,” Sheldon tells Howard. “But then it was mainly you.”


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This is not the only ‘Big Bang’ mystery that ‘Young Sheldon’ has recently solved: Last week the origin of Sheldon’s shameful habit of calling sex “intercourse” was finally revealed.

Young Sheldon, who is currently in his fifth season, recently introduced a time jump, showing the boy genius beginning his second semester of college.

Speaking about this flash-forward, co-creator Steve Molaro explained that there will be “new classes, new teachers, and new situations that Sheldon is not prepared to handle.”

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