With the arrival of the cold drop DANA, temperatures will drop and so will the snow level. The storm will break in force between Monday 22nd and Wednesday 24th and the cold drop that will be formed by the irruption of cold air of polar origin. And to be prepared to protect ourselves from this coming wave, a significant point would be to have radiators purged and prepared for the polar cold.

Why purge them?

Sometimes radiators don’t give off as much heat as they should because inside the heating system air has accumulated that hinders the circulation of the water that heats the radiator and prevents heat from being emitted evenly. Therefore, before each cold season -or cold spell- it would be advisable to bleed the radiators to avoid getting cold.

When the radiators are not bled, the thermostat does not trip but the boiler works up to double to get to the desired temperature.

Therefore, an efficient heating system will avoid wasting energy, especially now that the price of electricity has risen.

How can we do it?

The process consists mainly of expelling the excess air from the radiator circuit. And to do so, we first have to check if necessary– Turn on the heater and run your hand across the top of the radiator, if it is colder than the bottom, that means it has air.

Bleeding is carried out with the boiler off and the radiators cold.

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  1. Start with the radiator closest to the boiler.

  2. Place a container under the key (a saucepan or a glass) for the water that comes out of the drain.

  3. Turn the key with a screwdriver or coin to open the valve. Later, air -which generally smells bad- will begin to come out along with some water.

  4. When the jet of water that comes out is completely fluid – at first it will not be -, you can close the tap by turning it in the opposite direction.

  5. Repeat the process for all radiators. Remember follow the flow of the water -starting with the one closest to the boiler.

  6. Check the boiler pressure (1-1.5 bar) after eliminating the purge of each radiating before continuing with the next one, since after purging the pressure level tends to drop.

  7. Close the radiator cock and check the pressure again.

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