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    ‘Vigil: nuclear conspiracy’, one of our recommendations this weekend in terms of series premieres, it has a good thing and a bad thing. The good news is that the fact that it has become one of the series of the year in the United Kingdom, with an audience of 10 million viewers! in the first chapter, released by the BBC.

    The bad thing is that it is one of those series whose episodes (6 in total; perhaps it will end up becoming one of the miniseries of the year) Movistar + will be releasing Monday after Monday, so we will have to bite our nails to find out what is happening and how the intrigue is resolved.

    Releasing episodes every Monday is a strategy on many VOD platforms; In the case of Movistar +, it also applied it in another of our favorite series of the summer, ‘On the hunt for love’.

    Suranne Jones (‘Gentleman Jack’, ‘Doctor Foster’) and Rose Leslie (‘Game of Thrones’, ‘The Good Fight’) are the two protagonists of this series that is set in a British Trident nuclear submarine, those of which are equipped with nuclear deterrence. Murder is committed in it, But everyone inside the ship is a suspect. Amy Silva (Jones) is the inspector in charge of solving the homicide, but she will have to do it in a very few hours and without being able to have contact with the outside.

    According to the official synopsis, “the brilliant and fragile detective Amy Silva (Suranne Jones) is sent to the submarine HMS Vigil to investigate the mysterious death of one of her crew. When the hatch closes above his head, the reality he encounters is very different from what he expected.

    Inside the submarine, secrecy, hierarchies and the claustrophobic setting complicate the investigation, and the crew is reluctant to collaborate. Meanwhile, on the ground, his partner and confidante Kirsten Longacre (Rose Leslie) makes her own inquiries. The case soon transcends the walls of the submarine and reveals a conspiracy that threatens the very heart of British national security. “

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    The submarine Vigil is on a mission in Scottish waters when one of the crew members is found dead in his berth. Shortly before, a fishing vessel had been wrecked after its net had been forcefully dragged, which ends up condemning everyone on board.

    According to the protocol, the murder must be investigated by the Scottish police, which creates friction with the navy. As the Vigil cannot dock while on mission, the police send Detective Silva to the submarine. It is a complicated job, because she is locked in a space with a murderer and with hardly any resources …

    In the cast we are going to recognize some faces from our favorite series. For example Anjli Mohindra (‘Bodyguard’), Martin Compston (‘Line Of Duty’), Paterson Joseph (‘The Leftovers’), Connor Swindells (‘Sex Education’), Adam James (‘Belgravia) or Gary Lewis (‘ Outlander ‘). The series is made by the same production company behind ‘Bodyguard’ and ‘Line of Duty’ so you can imagine that it is an authentic high voltage fiction.

    Movistar +

    The series is set in Scotland, the same place where it was filmed. It has been enthusiastically received by critics. For example, ‘The Guardian’ has defined it as “an absolute spectacle”, while the ‘Evening Standard’ states that it has “all the hallmarks of a taut mystery with intriguingly murky depths.”

    ‘Vigil: nuclear conspiracy’ is going to offer you a huge adrenaline experience that intensifies as you attend twists and turns of the plot. It is not very new, but it does collect all the resources of the genre And the fact that it takes place inside a submarine makes it much more claustrophobic.

    Too The urgency of the inspector in solving the crime is of interest and how this completely marks the plot and relations between the British police, navy and security services.

    vigil frame nuclear conspiracy movistar series

    Movistar +

    ‘Vigil: nuclear conspiracy’ is very exciting, it gets more and more complicated and what seems simply a murder is entangled with political problems, espionage, cover-ups … In addition, Silva has a personal story that makes her inappropriate for being in a submarine and confined in that state.

    In short, a very addictive underwater journey in six episodes on which you decide: Do you see them Monday to Monday or do you wait for everyone to be at Movistar + to do the marathon? In the same way it will be worth it.

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