There are weird movies, and then there are movies that blow your mind. We might think that at this point in our cinephile lives there is nothing that can surprise us, that we have seen everything, that everything is invented. And we would be terribly wrong. Cinema can still surprise us in ways we would never expect, and the proof is in films as recent as ‘Titane’ by Julia Ducournau, winner of the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival and one of the most controversial films of 2021. The French production inherits the New Flesh movement with references like David Cronenberg’s ‘Crash’ to build its own explosive device, breaking genre boundaries and exploring the mutations of the body in the France of the XXI century. She also joins this year ‘Lamb’ by Icelandic Valdimar Jóhannsson, whose story itself is so incredible that it pays to get to the movie theater with as little information as possible.

At a time when the most comfortable proposals and known winning formulas predominate (there is nothing wrong with that: those formulas have given us great films), It is also worth claiming a type of cinema that seeks to push the limits of the known both in substance and in form. Don’t you remember the last time your jaw dropped watching a movie? We are going to give you a good amount of material to surprise you. There are big names on this list. Is John Waters with ‘Pink Flamingos’, a festival of filth and perversions led by the iconic Divine, and also Luis Buñuel with ‘The Golden Age’, where he once again displayed his mastery of surrealist stories and political satire to make fun of an entire country and its elites. And these are only the beginning of a selection created to spread. Do you already know which movie you are going to let surprise you tonight? Pay attention to our suggestions!

Lamb (Valdimar Jóhannsson, 2021)

A childless couple discovers a mysterious newborn on their Icelandic farm. The potential to create a family brings them great joy, but it could also destroy them. The Icelandic Valdimar Jóhannsson leaves us speechless with this proposal, which is already one of the best films of 2021.

Titanium (Julia Ducournau, 2021)

Winner of the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, The new film by the French Julia Ducournau has not left anyone indifferent. Reads the synopsis: “A young man with a bruised face is discovered at an airport. His name is Adrien Legrand, a boy who disappeared 10 years ago. For his father, Vincent, this marks the end of a long nightmare and he takes him home. Simultaneously, a series of horrible murders take place in the region. “

Pink Flamingos (John Waters, 1972)

Without a doubt, one of the best John Waters films and one of the heights of trash cinema. Babs Johnson (played by the iconic Divine), a slut who lives with her fat mother and son in a caravan, has just been named the filthiest person in the world by a local newspaper. Now the Marbles are just as filthy and have not received a single mention. And that they sell heroin in schools. This is how an epic showdown with samples of pornography, cannibalism, eschatology and bestiality, among other transgressions.

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Canine (Yorgos Lanthimos, 2009)

Before storming Hollywood with ‘The Favorite’ (for which Olivia Colman won an Oscar), the Greek Yorgos Lanthimos was a regular of the transgressions of the New Wave of Greek cinema. And this is the film from his filmography that made the greatest impression in independent film circles. With the complicity of his wife, the owner of a security company educates his three children completely out of the world, isolated in the house that has seen them grow up, deceived, convinced that an airplane that crosses the sky is nothing more than a simple toy, or that cats are dangerous creatures.

Tetsuo, the iron man (Shinya Tsukamoto, 1989)

A strange man known as “the metal fetishist” spends his days driving bits of metal into his body. One fine day, he is in a car accident. The man who was traveling in the other car will begin to suffer strange symptoms, metallic bumps emerging from his body. What happens to him is Tetsuo’s dream: a metallic world where all humans achieve that absolute transformation. A will from Japan, and signed by Shinya Tsukamoto of the New Flesh, turned into a cult film.

Gummo (Harmony Korine, 1997)

In a boring little town in America, a group of teenagers spend their free time hunting cats or snorting glue. Believe us: it is much more disturbing than it sounds. For something the directorial debut of Harmony Korine, screenwriter of ‘Kids’, struck the table at a time of changes in auteur cinema.

The Golden Age (Luis Buñuel, 1930)

As a pioneer of cinematic surrealism, it should not surprise us to see a Luis Buñuel movie on this list. And very especially this one. After a documentary prologue on the customs of the scorpion, the story follows some bandits who discover a group of archbishops praying on a cliff. Thus begins a provocative, satirical and masterful film.

mother! (Darren Aronofsky, 2017)

Between the Bible and ‘The Exterminating Angel’ by Luis Buñuel, this film by Darren Aronofsky caused an uproar at its 2017 release thanks to an allegorical story full of high-impact moments. To a woman (Jennifer Lawrence) takes you by surprise that your husband (Javier Bardem), a writer in full creative block, let some people into the house that he had not invited. Little by little her husband’s behavior becomes stranger, and she begins to stress and try to kick everyone out. It is, without a doubt, one of the best Jennifer Lawrence films.

Inland Empire (2006)

One of the last cinematic adventures of David Lynch was, without a doubt, the craziest of all. And that is saying! Which is from the director of ‘Blue Velvet’, ‘Mulholland Drive’ or ‘Eraser Head’ we are talking about. In this film, we will accompany Laura Dern on a trip … Well, something. Nobody knows.

The Holy Mountain (1973)

Another that madness hit hard: Alejandro Jodorowsky signed one of the most surreal films in the history of cinema, and it would only be one of the many unclassifiable works that he shot. Although you already know: a picture is worth a thousand words.

Lars and a real girl (2007)

Can you imagine that your son / brother / friend introduces you to his new girlfriend and this is -literally- a plastic doll? Would you call the psychiatrist or would you go along with it? Find out what the characters in this movie do Craig gillespie to the strange, but sincere, relationship of Ryan gosling.

Holy Motors (2012)

Leos carax he swept the Sitges Festival – and in many other competitions and awards – with this indescribable tribute to cinema and the role of actor. Or, at least, that is one of the interpretations that can be made of a movie so crazy that it will cost you to get out of it.

Rubber (2010)

We’ve tried zombie beavers and shark tornadoes, but Quentin dupieux Something crazier was invented before: a tire with a life of its own that possesses supernatural powers, and that it does not hesitate to use in favor of its interests. I said a tire!

Enter the void (2009)

Well from this that comes Gaspar Noé, famous for his provocations in movies like ‘Irreversible’ or ‘Love’, to tell us a ghost story. But not just any: a psychedelic adventure that borders on the experimental in a semi-futuristic Tokyo. Either ‘enter’ on the ‘void’, or it will knock you out.

Sharknado (2013)

In less than five years, this film turned into a series B saga has become a cult phenomenon. His argument is not too mysterious: a violent tornado has brought dozens of sharks to a small city that are terrorizing its inhabitants. A film that makes its great value ridiculous.

Diamond Flash (2011)

The feature film debut of Carlos Vermouth it was as surprising as it was revolutionary. He not only innovated in his premiere -online-, but also and above all in his way of telling the stories of five women and their strange relationship with a certain Diamond Flash.

Donnie Darko (2001)

Jake gyllenhaal have a crazy adventure in this cult movie from Richard Kelly, in which a shadow in the shape of a giant mouse -and very ugly- haunts him even in the cinema. There are many messages in this complex film, but the truth is that we are still trying to decipher them all.

Love and Peace (2015)

If you go into a Japanese movie Zion i am, more or less you already know what awaits you: a madness like you’ve never seen. In this film he reaches a peak of the incredible with a story of a friendship between a man and a singing turtle.

The void (2016)

The first part of this movie by Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski It could be a typical horror story with murderers lurking in strange colors (in this case, as if they were members of the Ku Klux Klan. But little by little it becomes such a strange thing, so crazy, that you will not stop wondering how you did come this far.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

Who wouldn’t be in the same state as Johnny depp and Benicio, the bull after smoking a few more “cigars”. Well, it would be, more or less, like this movie by Terry gilliam: in a state of psychedelic and surreal insanity.

Naked Lunch (1991)

David Cronenberg could not be missing in a list of crazy movies. He is the king, and for example, a button: this is a trip inside the drugged pain of a man, a tour through a world as strange as it is deep.

Zardoz (1974)

We are at the dawn of the XXIV century, there are only two types of human beings: the immortal -that is, the rich, the elite, the caste- and the poor wretches who can only be entrusted to the God Zardoz. But that will change. The revolution is about to break out. And what madness the great one leaves us John boorman.

The Room (2003)

This is a special case. The first – and last – film of the irreverent Tommy wiseau It is not crazy because of its plot or its setting, but because it is impossible to imagine how anyone can make such an extremely bad movie. This is how it has gone down in history, this is how it has become a cult phenomenon. And it is that it has no waste.

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