The thing about the wage inequality in Holywood between men and women is scandalous, although it seems frivolous to talk about it taking into account the amounts that are handled. In 2020, the highest-paid actor of the year, Dwayne Johnson, earned $ 87.5 million, while the highest-paid actress, Sofia Vergara, only made $ 43 million. This could be discussed by looking at whether The Rock has made more films or advertisements than any of his colleagues, although here we would get into the subject of job opportunities, but it is that within the same film and with the same prominence, the gap is also noticeable in gender issue. For example, in ‘All the money in the world’ Michelle Williams charged 8 times less than Mark Wahlberg and for the return of ‘The X-Files’ to Gillian Anderson they offered half that to David Duchovny. Also in ‘The Great American Scam’, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams earned 2% less than their three male colleagues, and for this Lawrence herself blamed herself for not being aware and failing in negotiations because she did not need the money, even if the deal was unfair. This year for her, history repeats itself with ‘Don’t look up’, however this time Lawrence understands and agrees to have earned 5 million less than Leonardo DiCaprio even though he has more screen time.

In an interview with Vanity fair, the actress justified this difference because she considers her partner to be a major advertising claim: “Mira Leo makes more box office than me. I consider myself extremely lucky and I am very happy with my agreement. But in other situations what I have seen, and I am sure that other working women have also seen it, it is extremely uncomfortable to ask for equal remuneration. And if you question something that seems uneven They tell you it’s not gender disparity, although they can’t tell you exactly why it is. “ In the new Adam McKay movie, Lawrence has collected $ 25 million and DiCaprio 30.

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What it has demanded

For an identical salary, no, but what Lawrence did fight for was his on-screen recognition. Taking into account that she is the protagonist, the actress of ‘The Hunger Games’ demanded to appear at least before in the credit titles: “When it comes to appearing first, yes, I think the credits have to reflect that. Leo was very understanding about it. I think we had a thing called ‘Laverne & Shirley’ which is the name they gave to the joint credits. But I suppose that at some point I would fight harder because they weren’t egalitarian. ” ‘No mies arriba’ premieres on Netflix on December 24 and in select theaters in Spain on December 10. Along with Lawrence and Dicaprio, Timothée Chalamet, Melanie Lynskey, Jonah Hill, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Ariana Grande, Ron Perlman and a few others complete the cast.

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