“Working with Ridley [Scott] in Italy for three or four months, and with this cast … there was no need to think about itsays an Adam Driver who shares enthusiasm with his co-star, Salma Hayek, in worshiping the aforementioned director of ‘La Casa Gucci’. “Ridley Scott” apparently are the magic words necessary for numerous renowned actors to embark on a project.

In this case, in addition, said project had a juicy basic story: the tale of greed, betrayal and murder spearheaded by Patrizia Reggiani and Maurizio Gucci. This marriage, that in the movie that opens in theaters on November 26, is embodied by Lady Gaga and Driver, they are two opposite poles that are attracted, more than irremediably, by Reggiani’s insistence that “becomes the mistress [de Maurizio] but also in a maternal figure in some way “.

Driver describes his character as a dependent man who spends the entire first part of the film without making decisions for himself. “everyone does it for him”, and when it frees itself from that pattern, it does so through a more “comfortable” for him. Wow, Maurizio is a nice guy who Driver has built so “need” thanks to how her way of working with Scott has evolved.

And it is that this film marks the second time in 2021 that Driver works under the direction of the acclaimed filmmaker. The first was a very critically celebrated final duel, a film with Jodie Comer, Matt Damon or Ben Affleck, to which Scott would have presented himself with the same method. “I don’t think his approach will change.”explains Driver in this regard. “The relationship just evolves the more you work with a person. So when I see what they need […] I adjust my process to yours, hence, here we work faster and more precisely in ‘La Casa Gucci’.

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Driver, who reiterates his passion for Scott by stating that “I just wanted to work with Ridley asap” when I accept the project, he also assures that when he read the script did not think of ‘La Casa Gucci’ “like a movie for awards season” because “All that about the awards has nothing to do with the moment you agree to participate in a production”.

Salma lives her moment

Driver and Gaga are the protagonists of the Gucci drama, but surrounding these two stars are a handful of actors of their stature at least. There are Jeremy Irons, Al Pacino or Jared Leto, and a Salma Hayek who lives her best moment. She attributes it to “as the COVID thing happened, some of the movies were saved” which is why this year he not only shines in ‘La Casa Gucci’, but also in ‘Eternals’ and ‘The other bodyguard 2’.

Of course, your Pina of this new proposal signed by Scott, is an anecdotal role, despite which Hayek stresses that he made sure to do it “true” and that he does not consider approaching a more stereotyped role (especially in the case of characters played by Latina women). “Remember she is Italian. Supposedly we are all Italians”, he says to explain the approach of “This witch, Patrizia’s best friend, who exists and in the film is [un personaje] small but … what a pleasure to work with Ridley Scott.

And that’s what it all comes down to, to Scott’s name, mythical filmmaker in the mecca of cinema and seductive name that has made half of Hollywood say yes to ‘La Casa Gucci’, in theaters from November 26.

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