Are you ready for a new horror adventure courtesy of Jordan peele? The filmmaker, winner of an Oscar for his hit ‘Let me out’, returns to the feature film with ‘no‘, a mysterious production that will star Daniel Kaluuya. After being busy producing series such as ‘Lovecraft Country’ and ‘The Twilight Zone’, as well as the upcoming ‘Candyman’, Peele embarks on his third work that will seek to exceed expectations after the brilliant reception of his predecessors. This is everything we know at the moment about the film, its synopsis, its release date, its cast and other details. We will update as we have more information!

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    ‘Nope’, release date: When will we see the movie?

    At the moment we do not know too many details about the production, but, thanks to a post by Jordan Peele on Twitter on July 22, we know three important elements: the official title, the first poster and the release date.

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    ‘Nope’ is the official title of Jordan Peele’s third feature film, which in this first poster also reveals Its release date: July 22, 2022. That is, exactly one year after this announcement. As we can see, the filmmaker did not accompany the publication of any text, only an emoticon of a cloud (like the one we see in this first official image). That makes us think that this element may be important to the story. But we will have to wait to find out more.

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    ‘Nope’, cast: Who will be in the movie?

    The starring cast of Jordan Peele’s new movie has also been revealed. The filmmaker meets with Daniel Kaluuya four years after ‘Let me out’, the movie that launched them both to fame. Kaluuya, who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’ at the last edition of the Oscars, will be the main protagonist of the film.

    He joins Keke palmer, which we saw for the last time on the big screen in ‘Wall Street Scammers’ with Jennifer López in 2019. Her signing in this new Peele job had already been known since February, and even there are rumors that she could play the antagonist of the story (via Collider). Palmer previously collaborated with Peele with a guest appearance on an episode of ‘Key & Peele’ in 2013.

    The last to join the cast is Steven yeun, nominated for at the last edition of the Oscars for ‘Minari. Family history’. Again, his role in the film is unknown, but we already know that has experience in terror thanks to years against the zombies on ‘The Walking Dead’.

    Jordan Peele And Steven Yeun In Two Mounted Pics

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    Regarding the technical team, Hoyte van Hoytema has been confirmed as the film’s cinematographer, great news given the quality of previous work from the regular contributor to Christopher Nolan that counts in his filmography with jewels in his field as’Let me in‘(Tomas Alfredson, 2008),’The fighter‘(David O. Russell, 2010),’She‘(Spike Jonze, 2013),’Interstellar‘(Christopher Nolan, 2014),’Dunkirk‘(Christopher Nolan, 2017) and’Ad astra‘(James Gray, 2019).

    ‘Nope’, synopsis: What will the movie be about?

    As we have already advanced, little is known about the official synopsis of ‘Nope’, the new work of Jordan Peele. We only have an official poster from which little can be deduced. What we see: a cloud that announces a storm and from which colored flags come out, as if it had swallowed a town party. Is this about aliens? What are those lights that fly over the illuminated town at the bottom of the poster? Can you see a face in the dark clouds? All these questions are still unanswered, but what we can do is look at Peele’s past.

    Let me out‘was following an African American man (Kaluuya) on his first trip to meet the parents of his white girlfriend, Rose (Allison williams), but soon discovers what is hidden behind that wealthy white neighborhood (extremely white) of the suburbs. The film is a critique of racism and how black voices are silenced in the United States. This theme was repeated in ‘Us‘, released in 2019, which took the symbolism of his criticism to a new dimension. In the film we see how a family (led by Lupita Nyong’o) is invaded by strangers who turn out to be clones of themselves. Again, Peele looked squarely at the hypocrisy of his country and the fear of the stranger, whether inside or outside its borders.

    Just looking at his background as a director and screenwriter, we cannot be sure what ‘Nope’ will be about, but we have no doubt that there will be a perfect balance between social criticism and suspense. And, of course, with touches of humor. That’s what we expect from the Peele style, but it might surprise us.. We will continue to report as soon as we know!

    ‘Nope’, first images: When will we see the trailer?

    Considering that the film’s release date has been set for next summer, we will have to wait a little longer to see the first official images and the trailer. Maybe in early 2022 we will start to see something else. Meanwhile, don’t miss the incredible trailer for his previous film, ‘We’:

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