‘The Squid Game’ has become a huge international success, becoming the best premiere in the history of Netflix. For this reason, the platform itself recreated some of its tests in Los Angeles, although without executions in between. Youtuber Mr. Beast has jumped on the bandwagon and organized his own competition, copying in a surprisingly precise way the different costumes and settings from the series. Participants were competing for a prize of $ 456,000.

In a collaboration with Brawl Games, Mr. Beast has brought together 456 people to participate in the different children’s games that the participants in the fiction faced. All of them wore a device strapped to the abdomen, which recreated a shot in the event they were eliminated. We saw practically exact “red light, green light” copies of the glass bridge and how they were divided into teams to pull the rope. In addition, they also reproduced some scenes, such as the moment in which a lighter is passed between them to be able to extract the cookie, the gala dinner, when they refuse to continue jumping through the glass plates or the entrance of the guards with the coffins in the form of a gift.

All this has been done in practically exact facilities that we saw on Netflix, including the bedroom and the streets where the marbles are disputed. Precisely for that game they looked at which players had the most affinity, in order to make sure they were paired to compete with each other. The only differences that can be appreciated are the fact of including the red and blue papers among the tests that attracted the participants, in addition to changing the grand finale (the true ‘Squid Game’) for the game of chairs.

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Social networks have gone crazy with the work of Mr. Beast. The streamer Ibai Llanos has expressed through Twitter that it is “one of the biggest atrocities I’ve seen in the history of YouTube”. Other users also claim that it is the best they have ever seen on the platform.

In their video, users have commented: “Jimmy (Mr. Beast) is a legend. I can’t believe he did this for the fans.”. They also add that it is probably the best remake of the series that we will ever see and that “they take off their hats with him”.


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