Noele gordon lives in some kind of imaginary party … For one thing, she spent 18 years playing Meg Mortimer, owner of the Crossroads Motel and Star of the most watched and celebrated soap opera in British television history. In fact, much of the UK’s senior population still refuses to believe that she is just an actress playing a role, with a private life separate from the sets. For the elderly, Meg is a real person.


    ‘Crossroads’ was on the air from 1964 to 1988 and gave Noele Gordon a record that oblivion to which she has been relegated little justice does: She is the actress who has starred in the most episodes in the entire history of television, a total of 948 episodes. But, as we said, his career has a much darker and desperate side. Because seven years before the end of the series, ABC would fire Gordon in a bad way and the character of Meg would die without giving too many explanations. “What is extraordinary is that this woman was at the absolute top of television, in what was the most important program in the country, and yet she was fired without any explanation, without any right to respond,” he said. the producer Nicola shindler in an interview with Variety.

    Shindler has re-associated with screenwriter Russell T. Davies (with whom he had already created such memorable series as ‘It’s a Sin’ and ‘Years and Years’) to give life to this enormous British television diva. The producer continued: “In a post-#MeToo world, it’s great to rethink narratives and examine why she [pasó] at that moment, the way she was treated and how that was acceptable then. “Depart as her character, also known as the Queen of the Midlands, Gordon was preceded by a polarized reputation. On the one hand, she was seen as a tough and haughty actress, who arrived on the sets riding a Rolls Royce and indulged in the most resounding luxury, but at the same time she was held in high esteem among film crews.

    Helena Bonham Carter

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    In fact, The current ignorance is surprising, and more if we take into account that his dismissal from ‘Crossroads’ in 1981 caused a public outcry which created such pressure on the writing team that an alternate ending had to be written for his character. Russel T. Davies has contextualized the hype: he himself had written some late episodes of the series, and describes the atmosphere as one of absolute secrecy … “The truth can finally be told!”

    Shindler explains the decision to hire Helena Bonham Carter, who we recently saw on the small screen as Princess Margaret in ‘The Crown’ (Netflix), for the role: “She is someone who can inhabit a really extraordinary, interesting, strong and eccentric kind of dynamic woman. It had to be someone who was iconic in his own right, because Noele Gordon was very iconic at the time. And it had to be someone who had a sense of humor, something that [Bonham Carter] clearly has “.

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    Although Bonham Carter has admitted never hearing of GordonAt least before receiving her lines, she was drawn to the feminist component of the series: “Noele Gordon was a fascinating, complex, brilliant and courageous woman, nothing that I knew before reading the script”Bonham Carter said. “I’m very excited to help tell Nolly’s long-forgotten and long-awaited story. Russell’s script is a brilliant piece and I hope to do him and Nolly justice.” So do justice.

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