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Who knew that the office of a paper company could be so much fun? ‘The Office’ took us, through 9 seasons, to know the adventures and misadventures of some unique characters. Toby, Oscar, Phillis, Creed, Darryl, Stanley, Ryan, Kelly, Meredith, Kevin, Angela, Andy, Erin, Pam, Dwigth, Jim, and Michael Scott they were the top employees of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. One of the most original things about the series is how the characters relate to the cameras. Not only do they speak to them, as in ‘Modern Family’, but they are the best allies of innuendo through the famous little glances. The device of the mockumentary (which is broadcast in the fiction of the last season) allows you to create that sense of crazy reality so unique to the series. Something essential in comedy, the one that makes us believe that we know someone like each of the incredible and fictional characters.

But ‘The Office’ was not just laughter. I’m not saying it was a drama but few viewers will have seen it in its entirety without shedding a tear more than once. Between joke and joke, party and work, the protagonists fight against loneliness, acceptance, lies, fear and love. Precisely the latter, exemplified in the characters of Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) is the best example of how the series balanced gag with full-length melodrama. And it is that their love story is so infinite that it goes from exasperating to sublime with each new achievement. The same could be said of the series’ two great comic weapons, Dwigth (Rainn Wilson) and Michael Scott (Steve Carell). And it is that, with the passing of the years and the accumulation of their follies, we end up meeting two lonely men in search of true love. It all sounds very corny but, those who have seen the complete series will know that, when it takes you 7 seasons to see how Michael finally orders his affective disorders and 9 how Dwight learns to pay attention to his own feelings, things change. It ended in 2013 and recently left Netflix, where the new generations continued to get hooked on what is undoubtedly one of the great television comedies of this century. But we are not in mourning, but in congratulations, because, like ‘Seinfeld’, lyou can enjoy full through Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. To celebrate it, and so that you can remember the best moments, we have made this top of the ten best chapters of all ‘The Office’.

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Casino Night (2×22)

Dunder Mifflin has more parties than workdays and the one at the casino was one of the biggest. Michael handles in the worst possible way getting his current girlfriend, Carol, together with Jan; Jim helps Pam with her wedding to Roy: we watch the bizarre video of Kevin’s band and… Yes, Jim finally declares his love to Pam. Although this tells him that they can only remain friends, the season closes with his first kiss, the most anticipated scene of the series.

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The closing of the subsidiary (3×07)

This is one of the chapters where the script takes better advantage of the situation of an office. When Michael finds out that their branch is closing it won’t take long for your drama to panic your employees. Meanwhile, Jim is at the Stamford branch faxing Dwgith making him believe they are messages from your future self. In the end, it turns out that it will be the Stamford branch that closes, bringing Jim back to Pam. The protagonists have nothing to do, especially the escrache that Dwight and Michael do to the CEO of the company at your home address …

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The Job (3×24-25)

Michael is determined to leave Jan and all his employees support him. Their relationship is clearly toxic and does him no good. While, Jim declines a promotion and leaves Karen to stay with Pam, one that was already beginning to come to terms with the idea that she has lost Jim. In the end, good old Michael can’t leave Jan because this surprises you with a visible breast enlargement What will I say? That’s how simple Michael was before he met Holly and learned what Jim and Pam have. I forgot, in the end Jim shows up to ask a resigned Pam out for the first time. The tearful smile with which she returns her gaze to the camera is that of all the spectators. Finally.

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Occupational risk prevention (3×20)

Andy returns from his anger management rehab and Michael gets itchy with Darryl and the warehouse staff for showing them that there are also risks in the office. While some have to take precautions to use heavy machinery Michael will look for the risks of the office and take them to the extreme. That is to say, he will fake a depression and threaten to jump off the terrace of the building. Of course, everything is calculated and will fall into a bouncy castle. It sounds crazy but they’ve tried it before… with watermelons. And it didn’t go well either.

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Goodbye, Michael (7×22-23)

AND Michael Scott is not the best character in television history little is missing. Steve Carell gave life for seven seasons to this Apparent idiot, superficial, narcistic and selfish boss, gradually revealing the desperate and lonely heart of gold that was under each irritating joke. Here he says goodbye, he has found true love and, with it, the way to relate correctly with his co-workers. The family that he will form with Holly will be his office. For the first time, he decides not to make noise and leaves a day earlier than he was advised. Without the others knowing it, he says goodbye one by one, creating moments that are as funny as they are emotional. The “no” goodbye with Jim, the only one of the employees who has realized what is happening, is one of the moments of the series. In a way, here ends a large part of ‘The Office’.

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Niagara (6×4-5)

Jim and Pam’s wedding It is something you have been waiting for since the beginning of the series, one of those moments that would have been a good ending but, thankfully, it came earlier for our mental health, because no one could take it anymore. One of the longest love stories on television had one of its key moments here. The whole office goes to the link at Niagara Falls. Kevin ends up using boxes of tissues as shoes, Andy has a testicular problem, Dwigth flirts with Pam’s friend and Michael, in addition to ending up sleeping in the laundry room, he sleeps with the mother of the bride. Without a doubt it is one of those chapters where the series put all the meat on the grill. In fact, they even make a flashmob.

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AADR (9×24-25)

Penultimate chapter before the end that, a year later, leaves the happy outcomes of each character well tied (very happy, perhaps too much). But, in essence, this is the true dramatic ending of the series. Jim shows shy and misconfident Pam that she means everything to him. He does it with a video of the documentary that will finally be broadcast that night, and with a love letter. We assume it is the best romantic statement ever, but we will never know its content. As Pam says in the next chapter, it is something that she would like to keep to herself and that will always remain a mystery to viewers. Darryl’s Farewell (that secondary warehouse waiter who ended up becoming a principal on his own merits) dancing with the whole office is a good summary of why we will miss those characters so much. To make matters worse, Dwight, Dwight Schrute himself, understands that his love for Angela is invincible even to himself. Seeing a character like the one played by Rainn Wilson declare “I love you, and I would raise 100 children of 100 different lovers if that’s what it takes to be with you.”… It is the most heartbreaking moment of the series. And, yes, that baby was a Schrute.

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Charity race (4×1-2)

Michael tells us about the beginning of his day, from leaving Jan snoring in bed to arriving at the office and … run over meredith. While she fights with the guilt of her employees for sending one of them to the hospital, she learns that thanks to that the hospital has vaccinated her against rabies. Michael’s obsession with illness ends a charity run (in which only its employees participate) and that will bring us great moments as we see how each of them faces the competition. It is probably the chapter in which Michael is most ridiculed, and that is to say.

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Dinner with party (4×09)

Perhaps it is the best chapter and, at the same time, it is the most difficult to watch. ‘The Office’ is a masterful series in terms of the use of alien, ridiculous and uncomfortable humor, but here it took it to the extreme. Pam, Jim, Angela, Andy, Dwigth and their elderly lover come to dinner for Thanksgiving to Michael and Jan’s house. The boss couple is so toxic and so hateful that every minute of the episode is an unbearable discomfort for the characters and for the viewer. Three vasectomies, three!

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Threat Level: Midnight (7×17)

This chapter is almost indescribable. And if you don’t think it is the best, it is undoubtedly the most special. We discovered that in addition to the documentary that records the characters, Michael has been shooting his perfect movie with all of his employees over the years. It’s the big premiere and they all sit together in the conference room to watch it. The chapter itself is pretty much all of this wonderful madness where a secret agent will have to prevent an attack. On their way they pass the femme fatale, the president and a butler robot among others. There are love, drama, action, shooting, betrayal, politics, many plot twists and the great dance of the video. Perhaps the phenomenon ‘Kung fury‘It was actually made up by Michael Scott. To all this, the pop star Billie Eilish, a recognized fan of the series, uses several audios from this chapter in her song ‘My strange addiction’.

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