The Christmas is just around the corner, and we are beginning to notice the need to get home, make ourselves a hot chocolate, get under the sofa blanket with our family and hit play a the most ridiculously Christmas movie we can find. Those traditions that should not be lost. In the catalog of Amazon Prime Video We can find some options to fulfill this important task on these very important dates, a group of movies that won’t disappoint you And you enter the ones that there is enough variety so that you and your family, you and your partner, or you and yourself can find an ideal option to see and soak up the Christmas spirit.

In the list we talk about movies like ‘Last Christmas‘, one of the most recent and that follows the tradition of romantic comedy as the quintessential genre of these parties along with family movies. For some reason, love is in the air when Christmas arrives, and in this film we will see Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding living a most romantic love story. And that, when she meets him, he is disguised as a Santa Claus elf while working in a mall. Love appears when you least expect it, as the multiple stories of ‘Love actually‘, one of the most successful Christmas movies of the last 20 years. How not to be: the famous Mariah Carey song sounds!

Whether you are looking for these seasonal romances or different options (we also include a horror film, ‘Bloody christmas‘), in this selection you will find very good options to find and enjoy on Amazon Prime Video. Hit play and happy holidays!


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Last Christmas (Paul Feig, 2019)


If you don’t understand Christmas without a good dose of romantic comedy, feel free to play ‘Last Christmas’. With the charisma of its protagonists, Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding, it tells us a purely Christmas story: a young woman accepts a job as Santa’s elf in a shopping center, and it is there that she meets a man who will change her life to forever. And be careful, because it has one of the most surprising and unexpected script twists.

Bloody Christmas (Sophia Takal, 2019)


1974 Remake of ‘Black Christmas’, this film gives us a different perspective on Christmas: from the horror! Directed by Sophia takal, is a fun and terrifying adventure that follows a group of students who are chased by a stranger during their Christmas break. And they will have to fight for their lives instead of being fed up with nougat and polvorones. One of the best Christmas horror movies to spend a different Christmas.

A Christmas Carol (Brian Desmond Hurst, 1951)


We have lost count of how many versions of Charles Dickens’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ have there been in film and television, from the iconic starring Muppets to the recent animation directed by Robert Zemeckis. In Amazon Prime Video we find a very remarkable one, released in 1951, and that immerses us (once again) in a well-known story: the miser Ebenezer Scrooge will have to learn that life is more than work, and he will do so through ghosts of the past, present and future.

The man who invented Christmas (Bharat Nalluri, 2017)


Speaking of ‘A Christmas Carol’ … How were the circumstances in which the writer Charles Dickens created one of the great Christmas classics of all time? That is what this film starring Christopher Plummer and Saint Stevens tells us, which shows us a Dickens struggling financially after several literary failures and trying to regain the trust of his editors with a work in the spirit of Christmas.

True Love (2003)


It is not a real Christmas if we do not remember, even once, this movie of Richard Curtis. One of the most famous romantic comedies of our century, and a tearful tribute to Christmas reunions. Formed by a group of love stories that are intertwined with each other, this film tells us about the good and the bad, of happiness and also of the bitter side of Christmas. One of the best love movies of all time.

The Grinch (2000)


Christmas is more Christmas with the Grinch, either in the animated version that has been released this year in theaters (‘The Grinch’) or this now classic film with an especially histrionic Jim Carrey. The green monster who wants to steal Christmas, a modern Ebenezer Scrooge taken to the extreme, will have to learn that there are actually a lot of good things in these important dates. Like nougat. It is also one of the highest grossing Christmas movies of all time.

The Holiday (2006)


Two strangers exchange their home for Christmas to get out of their oppressive environment and live a revealing and different experience in the distance. A literal ‘You to London and I to California’: the stylish Amanda (Cameron Diaz) ends up in a British country house surrounded by snow, while the insecure Iris (Kate winslet) live the Hollywood dream in a Beverly Hills mansion. Both, yes, they will find love between Christmas decorations, and, more importantly, they will find themselves.

Mariah Carey Presents: Mariah and Jack’s First Christmas (2017)


The Christmas ‘milestone’ of Mariah Carey inspired this animated film, which tells the story of a girl who desperately wants a gift for Christmas: a dog. But first she will have to show that she is ready to take care of him, and decides to take care of her uncle’s puppy. Will it be up to the task? And, even more important, how many times will we hear Carey’s song during his adventure?

Ghosts Attack the Boss (1988)


Modern reading of ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens, with a Bill murray in the role of (of course) the curmudgeon Ebenezer Scrooge. Directed by another great, Richard Donner, tells us in a comedy key the ghostly apparitions suffered by a man who deeply hates Christmas. A fun and eighties option that allows us to see the famous story from another perspective.

The Snowy Day (2016)


This original Amazon Prime Video production, commissioned especially for these dates close to Christmas, is a delight encapsulated in 60 minutes. Just an hour to tell us the story of a boy in a red coat, iconic image from the cover of the award-winning book of Ezra Jack Keats from 1962 on which the film is based.

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