Rafael Müller (Antonio Resines) is an acclaimed conductor who has a decades-long friendship with Rafael Jiménez (Miguel Rellán), an old rock glory who refuses to hang up his guitar. Both will have to fight to continue fitting into a rapidly young world that insists on removing them from the game board, even though they still feel fully empowered. This is the plot of ‘We apologize for the inconveniences’, a new series written and directed by Juan Cavestany and Álvaro Fernández-Armero, creators of ‘Vergüenza’, which will arrive at Movistar + in early 2022 and of which we are launching an exclusive preview today.

According to its creators, ‘We are sorry for the inconvenience’ “It deals with music, age, romantic relationships, illness, and friendship. We intend to make comedy with these elements and at the same time put a rigorous look on our characters in a realistic current context”. The cast is completed by Fiorella Faltoyano, Melina Matthews, María Casal, Olga Hueso and Luisa Gavasa.

Then the who is who from ‘Sorry for the inconvenience’, so that you can start to get to know the protagonists a little better:

Antonio Resines is the egocentric and volcanic conductor Rafael Müller, and Miguel Rellán is Rafael Jiménez, an old rock glory, a Peter Pan great-grandfather who refuses to throw in the towel.

Fiorella Faltoyano It’s Gloria, Müller’s wife. He believes that the time has come to change course, something that Müller does not fully understand.

Melina matthews it’s Victoria. With just over 30 years old, this virtuoso of the cello has managed to place herself in the front line of Müller’s orchestra.

Maria Casal en Elena, the lawyer who will manage the eviction of the building where Jiménez lives will become an obsession for the rocker.

Olga Bone is Luisa, the manager of the orchestra. With innovative ideas regarding classical music, he exercises an authority over Müller that he almost always finds it difficult to accept.

Luisa gavasa it’s Juana. A lifelong friend of Jiménez and Müller, by becoming a widow she will discover a new opportunity to live life intensely.

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