7 series you should be watching in November, one for each platform

What do we see today? It’s a question we all ask ourselves several times a week. But if you are reading this magazine, we hope that it is not because you do not lack options, rather the opposite. If you are a little up to date, you will know that having an offer of thousands and thousands of titles on all platforms to choose from makes it difficult to see something in particular, more than to find things you like, because of the absolute avalanche of things you want watch. Now there is no time that we go out with friends, family or just go to Twitter and find out that there is a wonderful series or movie in one place or another.

Of course, you can always think that that success that you have to see for sure because, at least for the one who recommends it, it is clear that you will love it, it is not on your bedside platform. But let’s face it, even if the state of our checking account is not the healthiest, among friends, family, partner, roommates, etc., it is rare that we miss access to various platforms. If a few years ago having one or two seemed extraordinary to us, now it is normal to have four or five to choose from.

This leads us to remember that when we only had one, it was difficult for us to keep up with what we had to see in it. Well now that we have to bring to day 5 or 6 the phenomena pass us by. Perhaps the best thing is to breathe a little, wait for the next month and go looking, when we can, the one we want the most or call us of all. However, there are always people who want to be up to date, but it is very difficult.

That is why we have prepared this list of the most fashionable series of the last month on each of the platforms, whether you have Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Movistar +, Disney +, Apple TV + or Filmin of course, maybe even all of them. Here you have the bombshell of the month for each of them.

7 series, 7 fundamental streaming platforms, these are the titles that are being talked about this month, whatever the subscription you have. And, well, if you can see them all, better than better.

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The Wheel of Time – Prime Video

Based on Robert Jordan’s fantasy novels (of which there are 14 volumes and a prequel, for which Bezos wisely spent), ‘The Wheel of Time’ takes place in a nameless world where magic is known as the One Power. . Humans in power can magically manipulate earth, fire, wind, water, or spirit, and are known as channelers.

Premiere: November 19th.


The Beatles: Get Back – Disney +

A unique miniseries, with Peter jackson at the controls of the assembly of the most of 55 hours of unpublished audiovisual material that was recorded between January 2 and January 31, 1969, the days in which the four members of the original group recorded ‘Let it be’, their last album before the separation. The funny thing is that the album was released 18 months later, in May 1970, when The Beatles had already separated.

Premiere: November 25.


Perfect life – Movistar +

It has been 6 months since we last saw María, Cris, Esther and Gari in the hospital room: María is a mother but motherhood does not make her feel like she had always imagined. Cris and Pablo decide to open their relationship and overcome obstacles together, but everything is more difficult than expected. Esther, for her part, is fighting her fear of growth and commitment. He has a girlfriend, lives with her and… is he getting married?

Premiere: November 19th.


Everything Else – HBO Max

The stories of a group of thirty-somethings from Madrid trapped in lives that are not the ones they dreamed of are the plot axis of ‘Everything else’, new series written, directed and starring April Zamora.

Premiere: October 26th.


Perni – your movie

Norwegian dramatic comedy about a mother in her 50s overwhelmed by her personal and professional life. Perni Middleton is a free, strong and natural woman with a heart of gold and a fierce character. Interpreted by Henriette Steenstrup, the actress is also the creator and scriptwriter of the series, a heroine without a cape, although she does not know it.

Premiere: November 9.


Heading to Hell – Netflix

The plot starts in the city of Seoul. Everything seems calm until darkness takes over in broad daylight. Monstrous beings are prepared to condemn certain people to hell and kill them with fire. Chaos and uncertainty fill everything, while Jung Jinsu, the leader of a religious organization called New Truth, warns the population that sinners are in danger. A new South Korean hit that has garnered 100% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

Premiere: November 19th.


The Shrink Next Door – Apple TV +

Inspired by real events, ‘The psychiatrist next door‘recounts the strange relationship between “celebrity psychiatrist” Dr. Isaac’ Ike ‘Herschkopf (Paul Rudd) and his longtime patient Martin’ Marty ‘Markowitz (Will Ferrell). Throughout their long relationship, the charismatic Ike gradually makes his way into Marty’s life, eventually moving into Marty’s house in the Hamptons and convincing Marty to make him president of the family business.

Premiere: 12th of November.

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