Elisha Cuthbert is almost better known as Kim Bauer. The Canadian actress has a wide variety of roles and nominations to her credit, but her character in the series ’24’ It is one of the best known to the general public. Her career began in 1992 and she had a very successful moment but today we hardly know anything about her. What is Elisha doing now?

    Cuthbert made his television debut in 1996 on the Canadian horror show ‘The midnight club’, becoming a main cast member years later. His first feature film was the 1997 film ‘Dancing on the Moon’, continuing her work in Canada until the early 2000s, at which point she moved to Hollywood and was cast as Kim Bauer in ’24’.

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    The actress played Kiefer Sutherland’s daughter during the first three seasons of the show, which he combined with small roles in hit films of the time such as ‘Those college sprees’ and the british ‘Love Actually’. His big Hollywood moment came in 2004 when he starred in ‘The next door neighbor’, playing former porn star Danielle. His next film was the Redo 2005’s ‘House of Wax’ with Paris Hilton. Both films had poor reviews, but the horror film was a huge commercial success, grossing more than $ 68 million.

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    Over the years, the actress has tried to trace a career that seems never to be able to match the success that ’24’ brought her, although she has continued to try her luck on the small screen. In fact, in 2011 she played Alex Kerkovich during three seasons of the ABC series ‘Happy Endings’.

    What is Elisha Cuthbert doing right now?

    In 2015, Elisha Cuthbert starred in the Ellen DeGeneres comedy ‘One Big Happy’, where she played Lizzy, a lesbian who becomes pregnant with her best friend Luke’s baby just when she discovers the love of her life. The series lasted only one season and since then she can be seen alongside Sean William Scott in the sequel Goon: last of the enforcers, on the Netflix original series ‘El Rancho’ and in 2022 he will appear in the heist thriller ‘Bandit‘(Allan Ungar) with Mel Gibson and Josh Duhamel.

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