‘Periodistas’ is one of the most emblematic series on television in Spain. The adventures of the Chronicle reporters marked a whole generation and even Journalism license plates shot up, creating a true phenomenon that went beyond the screen. Twenty years later, two of its protagonists, Belén Rueda and Jose Coronado, meet again in ‘The perfect family’, the second feature film as director of Arantxa Echevarría.

But it’s not the first time. Throughout all this time they have agreed on several occasions and both affirm that have maintained a great friendship since they gave life to Clara Nadal and Luis Sanz. In ‘The Perfect Family’ they play two opposing characters, a rich and uptight cock and a casanova of humble origins, whose families must come together to celebrate their children’s wedding, Pablo (Gonzalo Ramos) and Sara (Carolina Yuste), which will lead to very funny situations, but also to important changes in their lives.

To delve into all this, we were able to chat with Rueda, Coronado and Yuste, who told us how ‘The Perfect Family’ differs from other family comedies and, in the case of the first two, what it was like to play two characters so far removed from each other. what we are used to. Of course, we couldn’t help asking them about their memories of ‘Periodistas’ and what would you think of a hypothetical revival, now that so many mythical series are returning. Rueda does not see it very clearly: “We lack characters, it couldn’t be done without them”, but Coronado is more open to the idea: Sure, why not, I don’t know why they haven’t done it before “.

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A comedy to make you laugh and motivate

‘The perfect family’ is the second feature film by Arantxa Echevarría after her acclaimed debut with ‘Carmen y Lola’, which gave her the Goya award for best new director in 2019. The Bilbao director leap from intimate drama to more commercial cinema with a choral comedy of tangles, to “swerve” -as she describes it herself- that she accepted delightedly (“I have always wanted to shoot a movie of more than 300,000 euros, to stop suffering while I shoot”), and where he made sure to add his personal touch.

As she explained to us in our interview, Echevarría was drawn to the project because she saw herself reflected in its protagonist, a 50-year-old woman who discovers it’s not too late to start over and pursue what she’s always wanted to do. “I made my first movie with 50 tacos”says the director, “When everyone assumed that I would no longer be able to shoot it. I think that, if you are tenacious and you know by heart that something does not work and you have to change it, you have to do it”. Echevarría also told us what this change in register and production scale meant for her after ‘Carmen y Lola’, how she found drama in comedy and if he will stay in the mainstream or return to the smaller cinema after this experience. Everything below.

In ‘The Perfect Family’, Lucía believes she leads a model life and has everything under control. Since she got married, she has devoted all her efforts to taking care of her family, until she achieved what for her is the ideal of a perfect family. However, everything begins to collapse the day Sara appears, her son’s girlfriend, a free and foul-mouthed girl, who was accompanied by a political family far removed from her ideals. From that moment on, Lucia will discover that the perfect family was not exactly what she thought.

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‘The perfect family’ is already in theaters.


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