Thanos’ best power is ignored in Marvel Studios movies

Thanos is one of the best villains in Marvel Studios, but they could make a much more powerful representation if they had been more faithful to the comics.

Definitely, Thanos is one of the most powerful characters in Marvel studios, since he could easily beat Helmet using only his fists. Although curiously we have not seen that he will use some of his best powers from the comics. Since above all he used the Infinity Gems, to defeat the enemies with which he was facing in his mission to annihilate half the life of the Universe.

Among the great powers of Thanos ignored by Marvel studios there is telepathy. We can verify this in the stories of Jim starlin where the great villain gets a “Synchronization-distortion of the mind of time” and can mentally defeat his enemy, Drax the Destroyer. Another character who is also quite different from the comics.

But also, Thanos he was able to write in the minds of some characters and put his own consciousness in their place, something he tried when he planned to return using his brother’s body Eros / Starfox. So if you get to display these powers in the movies of Marvel studios, it may have been unstoppable. So the scriptwriters made it quite strong but not invincible.

Will we see this villain in the future?

Something that all fans of Marvel studios is if he will return Thanos or if they will leave him dead forever. As we could see, first he died at the hands of Thor when he cut off his head, but then he came back from the past and was disintegrated when Iron Man used the Infinity Stones.

In the next films of Marvel studios It does not seem that they are going to use the character, but it may be that in a few years things will change and they will resurrect him. For now, we have been able to see it in an episode of the animated series What if …?, while his brother Eros was featured in the post-credits scene of The Eternals. So we must not rule out that we see the character’s past at some point.

All the films in which he has participated Thanos on Marvel studios can be seen in the Disney Plus streaming platform.

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