The protagonists of ‘La casa de papel’ say goodbye to the series and its fans

It has happened again and this time will be the last. ‘The paper house’ has exploded Madrid (specifically the Vistalegre Palace), flooding the city with screaming and red. The final part arrives, Volume 2 of the fifth season, after almost five years breaking Netflix statistics. The gang of robbers ends their way taking a mass bath like those before the pandemic. “I no longer remembered this”says an impressed Úrsula Corberó, “I can’t believe I was used to these screams, I don’t know how I did it”. On December 3, the whole world will scream.

From the creators and scriptwriters to the beloved Antoñanzas, all the protagonists of the series (except Alba Flores and Rodrigo de la Serna) walked the Vistalegre red carpet promising an exciting final part. “Everything warlike in volume 1 is translated this time into the emotional”, says Álvaro Morte (The Professor). Are we going to cry? We ask. “I would take tissues …”. For Esther Acebo (Stockholm) it is her favorite season: “I haven’t seen it, but I think I’ll keep this one”. Corberó promises that we still have something of Tokyo to see and Itziar Ituño (Lisbon) says that a part of her stays in ‘La casa de papel’.

The best, the team. The worst, the filming. They all agree and that only means one thing: there is something more than harmony between the cast of the most famous Spanish series in history. The fans know it and that’s why they bring banners, bouquets of flowers and toned throats. Any one of them arouses passion and despair and the media constantly looks everywhere as if the attention is far away there. They are all made of flesh and blood and they all levitate on the gold bars of the Bank of Spain. Five seasons have given to break the television format in Spain and to become the most famous in India. They have spent two weeks recording two pages of the script, they have split their heads with the different versions of the ending and have put all the special effects in the country to the test.

‘The paper house’ says goodbye in the Madrid that has seen it born and grow. In the city where they have stolen and felt adored. They have taken over Halloween costumes, left legendary phrases, angered Seat and marked the history of Spanish television. ‘La casa de papel’ says goodbye amid shouts, microphones and flashes. It could not be otherwise.

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