In 2020, on Disney Investor Day, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy announced, along with the rest of the Star Wars release schedule, an ambitious expansion phase within the time arc of ‘The Mandalorian’. The bounty hunter series would be split into two more spin-offs with them it would come together again in a great crossover event of the three series, to which we would also have to add ‘The Book of Boba Fett’. Those two spin-offs were titled ‘Ahsoka’ and ‘The Rangers of the New Repubic’, but the latter is currently suspended (allegedly after the firing of Gina Carano). However, Anakin Skywalker’s expadawan played by Rosario Dawson will have her own series.

    The alien Jedi has been increasingly important in the Star Wars universe since her appearance in the flesh, wielding two white lightsabers, but her appearance in Star Wars dates back to the animated series of the franchise. Ahsoka Tano first appeared in the Clone Wars timeline as the pupil of the future Darth Vader, before he embraced the Dark Side. And later in Star wars rebels in the arc it occupies from the end of Episode III to Episode IV. In both cases they were series in which the screenwriter Dave Filoni had played an important role, so it was logical that already in charge of ‘The Mandalorian’ together with Jon Favreau, Filoni wanted to recover the character of Ahsoka.

    Currently, ‘Ahsoka’ is about to begin production and although it is not yet known how many episodes it will have, it is known that it will not cover more than one season in a miniseries (or limited series) format.

    This is all we know.

    ‘Ahsoka’: Release Date

    As we say, the series is currently in pre-production and filming could begin in the next few weeks. It was estimated that it would do so in early 2022 but there are rumors that it could start even earlier, in December of this year.

    As for the premiere, there is no official date. We can, however, do some calculations. ‘Boba Fett’s Book’ is going to be released this December and the ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ and ‘Andor’ series are slated for 2022, so eIt’s possible that ‘Ahsoka’ will hit Disney + in early 2023.

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    ‘Ahsoka’: Synopsis

    Beyond the fact that Ahsoka’s series will take place in the timeline of ‘The Mandalorian’ and that it was intended to connect with ‘The Rangers of the New Repubic’, there is no official information. However some have arrived leaks not yet confirmed indicating what the argument of the series may be.

    According to this information in ‘Ahsoka’ we will follow the Jedi “in the hunt for the evil Grand Admiral Thrawn [un personaje puente entre el Imperio Galáctico de la trilogía original y la Priemera Orden de sus secuelas] in hopes of locating the missing Ezra Bridger, the young Jedi who disappeared with Thrawn many years ago. ”

    ‘Ahsoka’: Cast

    In the Ahsoka series we will see again, of course, Rosario Dawson playing the protagonist. Because several of the character’s appearances in the Star Wars Universe had been in animated series so far, the actress had only been able to embody her in ‘The Mandalorian’ and as one of the voices among the Jedi ancestors who helped Rey in ‘ The Rise of Skywalker ‘, but everything indicates that Lucasfilm has bigger plans (this time in live action) for her.

    Distributefake images

    We will also see Hayden Christensen again, who after all these years will return to play Anakin Skywalker both here and in the ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ series. However, according to the Star Wars timeline, by the time ‘Ahsoka’ elapses the character has already redeemed himself and sacrificed his life to save Luke’s at the end of ‘Return of the Jedi’, so probably his appearance will have to be in the form of retrospective scene or as a spectrum of force. In any case, there is no doubt that his encounter with the former apprentice will be one of the most anticipated moments in the series. Does the Ahsoka from ‘The Mandalorian’ know that Anakin came to be redeemed or does she still believe him to be the Dark Side of the force?

    The only other cast member confirmed at the moment is ‘The Voyeurs’ actress Natasha Liu Bordizzo, in the role of Sabine Wren. This is one of the key characters in the animated series ‘Star Wars Rebels’, a Mandalorian warrior who will now be played for the first time in live action. It is said that she could be the companion of Ahsoka Tano in the search for the missing Ezra Bridger.

    sabine wren with ahsoka tano behind


    Lucasfilm is also rumored to be testing out ‘Aladdin’ actor Mena Massoud for the character of Bridger, but nothing is certain yet.

    Finally, the series will be produced by the same team as ‘The Mandalorina’, Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau, and written by Filoni himself.

    ‘Ahsoka’: Images

    With the series still in pre-production, there is still a lot left for us to begin to know the first images of ‘Star Wars: Ahsoka’. At the moment only its logo is available.

    ‘Ahsoka’: Trailer

    The same happens with the trailer of the series. As soon as there is new news and the first images arrive, you will have them here.

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