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    It was not expected that a story like ‘Little Women’ would be carried by an industry figure like Greta gerwig. The story, brought to the screen in various versions, from Cukor to the 90s led by Winona ryder, has here the most transgressive adaptation, given what the meaning implied, and what the director wanted to tell us with her ending in ‘Little Women’, open to the public to decide if it is true or not (and that here we are not going to reveal). The time jumps were the remarkable asset of the film, and throughout it, a feeling prevailed that both Alcott and Gerwig permeated in their main character, Jo. Saoirse Ronan She played the aspiring writer and did an excellent job that earned her her Oscar nomination. Together with her they are in the cast Thimothée Chalamet, Florence pugh, Emma Watson, Eliza scanlen, Laura dern and Luis garrel. Without a doubt, a great proposal to review at Christmas.


    The story is based on the novel written by Louisa may alcott: Amy, Jo, Beth and Meg are four sisters in their teens, who live with their mother in an America that is suffering from its Civil War. Each of the sisters has her own personality, they have varied artistic vocations and youthful aspirations, and going through a series of economic hardships, they will discover love – here the figure of their neighbor, Laurie, will be key – and the importance of family ties.

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    Greta gerwig He struggled a lot to direct “Little Women.” Following the success of ‘Lady Bird,’ one hoped that the director had tons of opportunities at her disposal. It was evident that she, a seasoned filmmaker from the start, one capable of balancing tones and capturing great performances and a rich sense of setting, would serve as an excellent launching pad for an incredible film career. As Sony was trying to get the ball rolling with a new ‘Little Women’, you’d think the producers would be looking to Gerwig for this new movie. But according to her, she had to fight hard to make her version of the classic ‘Little Woman’. Gerwig claims it was a book that made her want to be a writer and director.

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    The also actress, who secretly shot this film pregnant, had stood out with ‘Lady Bird’, her second film as a filmmaker. As a scriptwriter he already had more projects: ‘Frances Ha’ or ‘Mistress America’. As an actress, she also has several titles, in which “Jackie”, “Maggie’s plan” or “Without commitment” stand out among many others. We are looking forward to seeing his next movie, ‘Barbie’, with Margot robbie and Ryan Gosling.


    ‘Little Women’ won 6 Oscar nominations. On the night of February 9, 2020 (the night that ‘Parasites’ swept), the film only took the statuette for Best Costume Design. Many saw it unfair that Gerwig did not win the award for Best Adapted Screenplay, which ended up in the hands of Taika waititi by ‘Jojo Rabbit’. As far as the box office is concerned, it was made with 216 million dollars. Critics praised Gerwig’s original proposal, due to the twist and flair it gave to the story.


    Emma for Emma … Again: The film had the same case of ‘La La Land’, but in reverse. Emma Stone it was to be Meg, the older sister of the March sisters. However, Stone could not combine filming with the promotion of ‘The Favorite’, and the actress chose to reinforce the film of Yorgos Lanthimos. Emma Watson thus entered ‘Little Women’. This fact was the opposite of what happened in ‘La La Land’: Watson rejected the musical for being Beauty in the Disney live-action of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, and Stone entered the tape of Damien Chazelle, performance for which the actress won the Oscar.

    Dose of reality: A key aspect of this version of the film was the setting. It was filmed entirely on location in Concord, Massachusetts, which is where the book takes place. The location scouts also found some remarkable landscapes that were true to the time period. They were also able to shoot a scene at the school where Alcott’s father Bronson taught, a place that is not open to the public.


    As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Jo leads the way. Alcott transferred his ideals to the young woman, revealing his criticism of the social injustices she had to experience: social pressures, glass ceilings, difficulties for a young woman to get ahead if she made the decision to be an empowered young woman.

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    The scene

    There would be several to highlight in the film, but for the director, the meeting between Laurie and Amy in the painting studio in Paris has special relevance. “I think the way Florence Pugh interprets the speech is really extraordinary where he talks about the economic realities of women … about how he’s going to marry a rich man and Laurie says, ‘Shouldn’t you be in love?’ And she says, ‘The situation for me as a woman is that I can’t earn my own money, I just can’t‘. There are moments in the scene that are surprisingly modern to me and feel different than Amy March’s kind of stereotypical idea. … I read those lines and thought, ‘This is not a superficial and frivolous person. This is a person who is deeply aware of what is happening in the world and their place in it.“.

    Little Women Florence Pugh and Thimothee Chalamet

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    “There is something so modern in what says: ‘I want to be great or nothing.’ It is tremendously ambitious (…) And it comes to the idea that, whether you are a man or a woman, comparing yourself to greatness, it is a serious proposition and that’s what he’s doing. I think it’s a struggle that goes beyond gender (…) Maybe that’s the difference between her and Jo. Jo doesn’t want to not be a genius, but she’s willing to be mean if she can keep doing it. And for Amy it is too painful. And I don’t know, I think it’s fascinating …“.

    The phrase

    We will choose one that personifies the essence of the writer, words that would not mean much today, but in its time, this was quite a -revolutionary- declaration of intentions.

    “I don’t think I’ll ever get married. I’m happy like this and I enjoy my freedom so much.”

    little women saoirse ronan

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    To whom?

    To all those with a creative soul so that they are inspired by these dates and are willing to tear down walls (and glass ceilings).

    Where you can see?

    ‘Little Women’ is available on Netflix.

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