Mahershala Ali explains how she felt ’embodying’ Blade for the first time

It’s been two years since Marvel Studios announced the Mahershala Ali signing for ‘Blade’ reboot. Now it finally seems that the thing is going with an Ali that He is somewhat restless at having to embody such a well-known character and that generates similar expectations among fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ali, in a interview With The Last Show, he has commented that he always feels a certain responsibility towards his characters, but that this is different because of the attention that surrounds every marvelita project.

“It feels different, clearly there is an additional layer of pressure, which I am going to embrace. It’s weird, because the anticipation is so great. Honestly, my enthusiasm for any role is quite similar because I feel like the responsibility is always the same. But, I have never said yes to a character who generated such high expectations, with whom the fans are already very familiar, and they have opinions and their points of view and all that. “.

The new adaptation of ‘Blade’ at the moment has only confirmed Ali as the protagonist and has signed Delroy Lindo. Too we know that the film will be directed by Bassam Tariq and that it would begin shooting next summer.


* If you haven’t seen ‘Eternales’, including his two post-credits scenes, Don’t keep reading!

The first time

Ali also wanted to share how you felt filming the brief cameo that you star in the second post-credits scene of ‘Eternals’, wink that stars alongside Kit Harington, who at the moment in question takes a small step towards the superheroic incarnation of his character, Black Knight (Black Knight).

In case it was not clear that Ali is somewhat nervous about putting himself in Blade’s shoes, this actor adds that that single line of dialogue that he released in the aforementioned post-credits took away his sleep. “That line of dialogue kept me awake because, ideally, you want to drop dialogue once you’re shooting. And 100% of the time, my first day on any set, at any job, I hate it.

“I hate how I sound, I don’t believe myself, you know, so you’re trying to get comfortable with the character. So having to talk before shooting was a challenge, but I’m thankful that it made it feel real. I made it, and I felt like we were already at it.

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