Mahershala Ali talks about his debut as Blade thanks to Los Eternos

The Eternals, one of Marvel Studios’ newest productions, introduced many new characters to the MCU. Among them, Blade.

The Eternals reached the great cinemas of the world and, with it, a large number of new characters for the franchise. In this way, the spectrum of the Marvel Cinematic Universe It was enlarged and now there is a lot of fabric left to cut. One of them, which attracted the most attention, was Sword, who was not seen, but his voice was heard in the post-credit scene.

Mahershala Ali, who brings the vampire hunter to life broke the silence. The interpreter confirmed that it is his voice that appears in the footage and also referred to his arrival at the UCM.

«I have never entered a world where the anticipation is so great. Where people are so familiar with the character, they have such strong points of view and all that. There is clearly an additional layer of pressure that I will… embrace.«, Mentioned the interpreter.

In addition, the artist spoke of the future and the panorama around his debut. These were his statements: “This world of Marvel is obviously the biggest in the movie industry, and just to get my little introduction to that, starting with Comic Con a couple years ago, and now the early stages of putting myself in the shoes of that character. , it felt special and really cool. I’m excited to get going and do more”, He concluded.

Now, Los Eternos is available in cinemas around the world. However, more information about the launch is expected in Disney +. In the same way, it is known that spin-offs will be created on the franchise, of which more details are awaited.

It should be noted that, in turn, the solo film of the ‘Daywalker’ will begin filming from next year. More information is expected around the project in question.

Source: Collider

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