Matrix Resurrections will make the concept “meta” fashionable

The Matrix Resurrections movie will surprise viewers because it is so “goal”, something unusual in blockbusters.

To easily understand, the concept “goal” from Matrix resurrections refers to the characters knowing the events that happened in the other movies of Matrix and there will even be a video game about all that. Therefore, they are living the experience knowing what has already happened at the same time as the spectators.

A very simple example that may help is how they have compared Matrix resurrections with the movie Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (1994). Since that story is about how they are shooting the first movie of Nightmare in Elm street and how Freddy Krueger Break into the real world and attack the actors and members of the production team.

Therefore, in Matrix resurrections the events of the other films will be important (especially the first one) and everyone will know the facts while they are experiencing similar situations. Hopefully seeing it in theaters is not confusing, but they have ensured that fans will be delighted with the final result. Here we leave you the filtration of the entire plot.

This is how the director herself explains it:

There is a meta explanation for the characters in Matrix resurrections and the reason that the film itself exists in itself.

NEO’s new life now includes Bugs (Jessica Henwick), a blue-haired holster with a white rabbit tattoo. When she crosses paths with NEO, we get more clues as to why Lana felt so compelled to return to The Matrix. (There is also a meta-treatment of that same question in the film) ». Says director Lana Wachowski.

«Art is a mirror. Most will prefer to look at the surface, but there will be people like me who will enjoy what is behind the mirror. I made this movie for them. Concludes Lana Wachowski.

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