Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben may have been in the MCU, but …

Uncle Ben was one of the Spider-Man characters that Marvel Studios decided to leave out of the MCU and not show his death once again. However, there were some ideas about it.

Spider-Man: No Way Home It is, with total certainty, the most anticipated film of the year. The film will show the continuation of the opening of the multiverse. This concept refers to the union of several realities, showing several versions of the same characters. This will be given in the argument in a clear way, since the three generations of the Spiderman.

For the long-awaited event, there are already some confirmed returns, which will allow said generations to be present. These refer to the sagas or trilogies that exist about the character in the cinema. The first was starring Tobey Maguire and the second by Andrew Garfield. However, these two are not yet confirmed to appear on the tape.

For their part, the main villains they had will be. It should be remembered that these are, for the first franchise, the Green Goblin from William Dafoe, the Octopus doctor from Alfred Molina and the Sandman from Thomas Haden Church. In the same way, with the second, they will be the Electro from Jamie foxx and the Lizard from Rhys Ifans.

However, one of those who has no plans to appear or return is Uncle Ben. The character has never appeared within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and would not for now. However, one of the writers of the new trilogy confessed that they did have a mention of it in mind.

We wrote a scene where May takes Peter to the closet and they choose one of Ben’s old suits that she hadn’t thrown away yet.”Commented writer Jonathan Goldstein.

To do this, something could be seen or some additional comment will arrive on December 15, when the third film is released in theaters.

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