Willem Dafoe advances that his Green Goblin has new tricks up his sleeve

The Comic Con Experience held in Sao Paulo (Brazil) this weekend has left several surprises for fans of Spider-Man’s little marvel corner. Not only news about the sequel to ‘Spider-Man: A New Universe’, which will finally consist of two parts, and a new trailer for ‘Morbius’; but also a panel with the villains of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ giving details about his return.

Willem Dafoe, Jamie Foxx and Alfred Molina have explained how they felt to reprise their respective roles, trying not to spoil it, but dropping some new detail. In that sense, the most generous has been Dafoe, who, speaking of the difference in comfort in relation to his suit, ended up revealing that his look “It’s a little different, and Norman / the Green Goblin are at a later point in their lives, so they come up with some new trick up their sleeve.

In addition, this actor has assured that what convinced him to return was “the idea”. “I know the trajectory of Amy [Pascal, productora] and explained to me what it would be like, and then Jon [Watts], the director, told me the whole concept before I could read the script, and it sounded like a lot of fun to me, a good solution. Later when we go deep, I liked the idea of ​​going back to something that was the same but different. It is the return to something that I have already done but different, with a past history that comes with a twist, something that called me “.

“For me it was only for the money”, then jokes Molina to end up agreeing with his co-star in that “the material [de base] it’s excellent”. “To be honest, the first time the idea was brought up I thought ‘wait, I’m 17 years older, I have a double chin and wrinkles, what are they going to do?’ and then I realized that they had the technology to do it. It has been great to go back to something that is familiar but at the same time completely new..

The scariest

Foxx explains it, Dafoe’s villain is the scariest because what the Green Goblin has against Spider-Man “is personal”, and nothing can compete against that.

“With Electro it’s like ‘the world has been unfair to me’ but when something is personal, and you can go back to Shakespeare, when something is personal, be it jealousy, or whatever, nothing can beat that. It doesn’t matter what costume you wear, or what you say … when he [Duende Verde] speaks, has the power … it’s personal. Whenever you have a character who has a personal grudge, he is the one with the most power “.

* ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ opens in Spanish cinemas next Thursday, December 16.


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