Spain does not usually receive many visits from international stars, and we expected less in the “new normal” of the coronavirus. However, Netflix has brought us an early Christmas present. Henry Cavill has made a stop on his promotional tour of the second season of ‘The Witcher’ to visit Madrid and greet the fans of the series and journalists.

After a massive premiere with some very overturned fans, the actor sat in front of the press in a central hotel in the capital that had prepared a fireplace (on screen, like the ones the streaming platform has in its catalog), a couple of armchairs for Cavill and the moderator, and dim lights to move us into the hall of a medieval castle and talk about the return of Geralt de Rivia two years later.

The actor reviews some of the changes that we will see in his character, that he will still be very intelligent but this time he will show it with words and not just grunts. He also comments that he has always tried to create a character with nuances from both novels and video games so that fans of both media can feel identified. When we meet Geralt again, Ciri (Freya Allan), his “daughter of surprise,” will be by his side, to whom he will take Kaer Morhen to train his mysterious power that neither of them is able to decipher very well yet. He speaks wonders of his co-star, especially at the time when Cavill suffered a tendon injury and “I couldn’t stand more than five hours”. The actor explains that his co-star “I carried the full weight of work in many scenes”. De Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) prefers not to say much because “it’s an original story” which derives quite a bit from Andrzej Sapkowski’s books.

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All constructive criticism is welcome

Cavill returns to mention the fans to say that he is very aware of their opinions, especially those he considers “experts in this universe” and what do they offer “really good suggestions”. Of course, it says that “It is very easy to dismiss destructive criticism” and he only gets really constructive opinions. At the press conference, he also reviews the physical preparation of this type of series and how to play characters like Geralt or Superman is “a privilege, but above all a responsibility”.

The second season of ‘the Witcher’ arrives on Netflix Friday, December 17.

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