The second most viewed Netflix original movie on the platform, ‘Tyler Rake’, is already preparing its sequel. Chris Hemsworth will once again play the mercenary, but this time he will move from hot Bangladesh to a much colder and snowier landscape.

Here is the first official image of ‘Tyler Rake 2’, the sequel that is in full swing and can be seen on Netflix next year. It has been shared by Hemsworth himself, the protagonist and producer of the saga, on his Instagram account. “We have finished the second week of ‘Tyler Rake 2’, here are two frozen photos”Said the actor accompanying two images in which he is seen clinging to what looks like a train and posing next to the director of the film, Sam Hargrave.

The script is re-signed by Joe Russo, of the Russo brothers who have directed ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and many other successful Marvel movies, where Hemsworth plays Thor. Filming is taking place in Prague and details of the cast are not yet known.

At the end of the first installment, Tyler Rake appeared to be shot to the back of the neck. However, a teaser published by Netflix in September showed that the mercenary ended up surviving after falling into the river. It is not realism what we ask of this type of productions, after all.


After barely surviving his fatal injuries on the mission to Dhaka, Bangladesh, Tyler Rake returns and his team is ready to embark on their new mission. Tasked with extracting a family at the mercy of a Georgian gangster, Tyler infiltrates one of the deadliest prisons to save them. But when extraction becomes difficult and the gangster is killed in the heat of battle, his equally ruthless brother pursues Rake and his team to Sidney for revenge.

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